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Speaking at the SEMPO Search Marketing Conference

ncluded in the topics will be the explosion of Google’s AI/brand signals, voice search, choosing content to develop and promote, and presenting a consistent business presence to Google locally. And, essentially, I will hope to change the perception of SEO as a short-term fix and position it as a long-term, interwoven activity that it must be to be competitive.

Swarvertising is here to stay

Swarmvertising Creates a Buzz of a Brand New Type – Look Up!

More than 1200 Drones Create Marketing Imagery above Clouds at the Winter Olympics Ceremony in PyeongChang, South Korea. Using small drones and bright LEDs, the opportunities for event advertising and marketing are endless.  How long before an ad marketplace is created where you can author animated, sky-bound versions of your marketing message to thousands of…


Speed and the Mobile Web

Google has made it clear in the past and recently “formally” announced that speed is going to be a significant factor in ranking websites (not just mobile, but all sites) and that just sticking an AMP plugin on your page probably won’t do the trick, but a multi-faceted optimization approach is needed.


New Ranking Factors Report Released

Some highlights from the report (no surprises really) SERP listings #1-3 Click-Through Rate is 36 percent on average. The correlation for links remains high, but links’ importance may be dropping. All of the top 100 domains have a mobile friendly versions.  Lower ranked pages have mobile friendly version around 78% HTTPS/SSL is present for just under 50%…


Scott Clark Awarded Google’s “Best of the Best” Specialist Partner Status, Looks Forward to 2017

Scott Clark of BuzzMaven, Inc. has been granted the elite “Google Partner Specialist” status by the Mountain View, CA-based online marketing giant.  The program required completion of rigorous exams in Google’s Search, Display, Mobile, Video and Shopping ad networks as well as demonstrated high levels of client historical performance. Google considers the Specialist Partner status…


Beyond the Inverted Pyramid for Blogging – Extending for Social, SEO, Email and Engagement

When blogging for a hurried, distracted audience, you must keep in mind that the competition for attention is ruthless. More distraction, mobile device habits and shorter attention spans force us to adapt our inbound techniques accordingly. New bloggers frequently write from the old-fashioned research paper or book report format, saving conclusions and critical points to well after the reader has departed. Graphics, images, captions and other proven eye-fixation techniques are poorly employed as well.


Top SEOs and Digital Marketers Offer Advice on Thriving in the Modern Ranking “Slog”

So as different departments, including executives, long for the simplicity of keyword lists and SERP screen shots, we must now bore them with KPIs like engagement, backlink diversity, re-query phenomena and personalized results considerations.  For many who don’t know much about SEO, this does not feel like success, and if you’re not careful, you can start to feel like a failure as well, leading to a negative feedback loop that can poison engagements.


The Old Engineer and the Hammer

After reading the article “The Death of Expertise” by Tom Nichols as reminded of an old parable.  The Graybeard engineer retired and a few weeks later the Big Machine broke down, which was essential to the company’s revenue.  The Manager couldn’t get the machine to work again so the company called in Graybeard as an independent…


Advising on Social Signals and SEO – The Minefield of Causation, Correlation and Gradual Change.

It feels right to once again remind my site visitors and valued clients of what’s happening with the Google search results (at an ever increasing pace.)   I’m seeing social media engagement being used more often to vet sites for their appropriateness at the top of search engines.  Brands that are not bothering with social signals…


I have 5 minutes… tell me the most important things I must know about SEO today.

Sometimes I’m forced to do a brain dump about the most important, cannot-skip, essential information about SEO in an incredibly short amount of time.    I need to use that limited time to simultaneously myth-bust and set the stage for future-proof programs..  It happens fairly often… an rarely sighted executive will “pop in” to a meeting,  someone will…


Dayparting, Visualized

This visualization shows the world using the web, over a 24 hour period.   Dayparting of paid search ads is the process where we find the best day of the wee and time of day to run your ads, or switch ads.

 The full report is here

Franchise SEO and Franchise Websites – A Future-Proof Solution for Service Oriented Franchises [Updated]

Many franchises are operating their online marketing programs in a manner that gets them into trouble as they grow, or when they have turnover in franchisees.  The Franchise SEO programs designed for the Internet as it was in 2005 are no longer effective. Not only have users changed, but search engines and social networks have dramatically…