Maximizing Local Performance for Your Entire Organization with Scalable Solutions

In Brief:

  • Managing Google Ads across a franchise or multi-location business requires that every solution be scalable and consistent.
  • Cross location Google Ads offers powerful opportunities to rapidly build excellent campaign structures and optimization models.
  • BuzzMaven is a multi-location specialty firm with real-world experience helping franchisers and businesses having hundreds of locations.

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US Map showing many Franchise locationsMulti-Location and Franchise Google Ads Management Campaign Types (with Brand Compliance)

  • System-wide single account – multi-location Google Ads
  • System-wide multi-account single-brand Google Ads
  • Co-op, supplemental multi-location Google Ads

Depending on the configuration in your business, we will set up an efficient system that leverages economies of scale where advantageous. Budgets and local settings will be optimized for the organization’s footprint, location budgets, and other location-specific considerations.

Advantages of an Experienced Multi-Location Google Ads Management Partner

  • Maximizes performance of campaigns across the sytem.
  • Roll-up of optimization and measurement programs
  • Understands brand compliance Issues
  • Leverage our cross-location bid/budget management systems and tools.
  • Free up internal staff at a fraction of the cost of an on-staff Google Ads expert.

Multi-Location / Franchise Google Ads PPC Management Contracts

  • Existing Campaign Backup

    We save existing accounts at the corporate or local level in backup and provide those to the client to archive.

  • Budget and Management Systems

    A proprietary but transparent software and checklist system offers an objective, rule-based approach that is 100% unique for each client, and evolves over time.

  • Keyword Research

    Even for existing campaigns, keyword and behavioral information about customers is essential in building campaigns. Keywords are classified by intent and local versus global for each location.

  • Multi-Campaign Configuration / Footprint

    Using the locations roster and master “gold standard” initial campaign, as well as a scalable landing page system, we will configure a solution with consistency that “adjusts itself” by location.

  • Multi-Location / Franchise Optimization

    We discover and apply fixes and updates in a never-ending feedback loop which cross-optimizes campaigns using data from the entire enterprise.  This significantly reduces the time needed to maximize results.

  • Testing and Measurement

    Data warehousing of performance data gives the whole team information about what is working and what needs improvement. When valuable, we may directly connect behavioral data into bid and budget management systems using rules we design for your business.

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