A lot is going to be changing soon when it comes to Google's organic results.

Responsible SEOs have already talked to their clients about this.

We’ve had a good ride, we SEOs (and our clients.)  SEO has been relatively stable now for many years – an we’ve made huge progress for our clients using white-hat methods for organic traffic and ranking.

But soon, depending on your market, you should expect to see between 20% and 80% of your organic traffic go away little by little inversely proportional to the release and usage of Google’s and Bing’s SGE interface.  It’s my prediction that the usage is going to be very large – perhaps 40% or more of queries within a year or two.

SGE example

Here are some factors we're facing with SGE:

  • Meaningful SEO organic performance analytics are going to be broken.  Even organic success (in the form of brand or product mentions) will not be visible anywhere.
  • Click throughs on snapshot and other links will remain as organic traffic, but how these show up will be changing.
  • Google has held true to their plan since Google IO, so I don’t think this will remains an experiment never to be released.   In fact, we are hearing of more users seeing int – even Google Workspace users.
  • Google will not add many links to SGE results because this is a legal liability – they become the advisor – and presenting the answer is an endorsement of possibly illegal or inappropriate things.
  • CHATGPT / Bing / Something will leverage the simplicity and convenience of Generative AI search results and undermine Google’s lead in knowledge retrieval if Google doesn’t go all-in on this.
  • Google will get more ad revenue with SGE since it the current design takes up so much real estate above the fold.
  • Voice search and conversational-generative AI are a formidable combination that we’ve never had before (No, Siri and Alexa aren’t even close.)

Ok, What Should We Focus On?