Get to ROI more quickly by working with pros

In Brief:

  • There is a well-documented correlation between high-value content and corporate revenue.
  • Link building, essential for Google rank, is very difficult to acquire without high-value content.
  • With Google sending less traffic to sites organically, associating brand with high-value content is urgently important.

How-To and Q&A Content are Essential to Success in both B2B and B2C Marketing

Project Elements

  • Inventory / Crawl

    This data gathering phase is meant to get several key metrics in the same database so we can conduct an audit. The set of metrics might vary but in general we are trying to assess characteristics of the content assets indexed on the web and gather some behavioral metrics useful in the next stage.

  • Audit

    Consider existing content assets, engagement with those assets, and traffic levels. Assess if current content program is aligned with customers’ needs and if the content is driving perceived trust or just filling space. This might result in pruning low quality content from the search engines while enhancing content more appropriate to the goals.

  • Review CMS and Publishing Workflow

    Review current publishing system and how staff interact with it. Consider technical aspects of publishing, syndication and sharing, such as meta data. Discuss content program with team – including authors and sales team.

  • SWOT Analysis

    Expose strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) of the current content marketing program with an eye to improvement and constructive adjustments.

  • Topic Opportunity Review

    Using state of the art tools and the client’s market, assemble content opportunity suggestions and discuss feasibility with team. Consider SEO specific aspects such as link building and keyword coverage. Attempt to find an organization’s ideal authoring workflow moving forward.

  • Assist with Content Development

    Sometimes the best way to coach a team is to jump in the game. We will assist with headline development, categories for content, promotion, and link building as new content is developed. This might include deployment of publishing and syndication tools, along with enhancing analytics to better track performance.

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  • Video Q&A-How-To
    Video Q&A is another engaging way to address user questions, appealing to users' visual sense, and providing richer connection to products and bloggers. VFAQs require careful organization, planning, production and distribution. Done well, they can offer a strong competitive advantage in search results.