BuzzMaven has worked with many multi-location firms on organic SEO solutions and PPC programs that scale to many locations

In Brief:

  • Franchise Pay Per Click (PPC) is handled as centralized or distributed marketing programs.
  • Franchise SEO is essentially scaled local SEO programs – a blend of engineering, training, and clever analytics.
  • Optimization decisions can be sped or enhanced because of the amount of data available in a multi-location scenario.

Explore Solutions

  • Franchise / Multi-Location SEO
    Multi-location SEO has special challenges related to scalability, content syndication, sharing, and analytics. With 5, 10, or 500 locations, avoiding mistakes and doing a bit of good engineering can pay off exponentially.
  • Google Ads for Franchisors / Multi-Location
    Managing PPC at the franchisor-level requires every decision be made with scalability in mind. We have managed franchise PPC, such as Google Adwords at a national footprint scale over hundreds of locations. Contact us today for fresh ideas about how to succeed.
Franchise SEO Program Elements