Rob Snell: Comments on the Congressional Hearing About Online Advertising

My new friend and fellow Yahoo! Store Developer Rob Snell was invited by a director at Yahoo! Small Business to testify in front of Congress at a hearing of the US House of Representatives’ Committee on Small Business about Online Advertising. His preperation and written testimony was easy-to-read and Rob published it here at Search Engine Land. You should definitely read that first.

Now that’ he’s back and rested, with a fresh .gov link in his pocket, I thought I’d ask him a few short questions about how it went, what it was like as an experience, and what he thought it meant for search marketing’s future.

Dynamic Keyword Insertion Error To Avoid

I saw this today on Google. It is for a Google Adwords keyword in a hypercompetitive marketplace… with a $12.56 average CPC (cost per click). The advertiser was hoping to use dynamic keyword insertion. Instead they did dynamic money wastin’ ad this can definitely affect their Quality Score. The business cash advance industry has some…