Linkedin Marketing Agency Advertising Agency Services for Lead Generation and B2B Brand Awareness

In Brief:

  • LinkedIn Marketing Solutions helps you reach the largest professional/B2B network on the web.
  • It’s possible to target precisely based on profession, job title, industry, and company names.
  • LinkedIn Ads are only “expensive i”ampaigns are run poorly, or not given time for optimization..
  • Testing is a non-negotiable ROI-factor in LinkedIn Ad Campaigns – we insist on 20% of ad budget for testing.

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We’re a Mature LinkedIn Marketing Agency for Precision B2B Advertising Strategy

Reach Decision Makers, Buyers Committees and Executive Recruiting Candidates

As a B2B digital marketing agency, have dozens of ways to leverage LinkedIn that most agencies have never even considered. We utilize AI tools along with a decade of hands-on campaign experience for our customers. We have learned that with LinkedIn, budget waste is a very big risk and the devil is in the details!

LinkedIn Digital Marketing Agency Services Include Precision Strategies for the Entire Sales Journey

Using our LinkedIn advertising services for brand awareness advertising campaigns offers several advantages.

Firstly, LinkedIn is an ideal platform to reach decision makers and buying committees in the B2b buyer journey. This can help to build brand awareness and establish a strong presence in specific industries or markets reliably, consistantly, and measurably. We offer substantial experience in identifying buyer committee roles and building reusable, custom audiences for them.

Secondly, LinkedIn allows a variety of strategies and ad formats. These can be tailored to specific campaign goals and budgets. We will provide high quality advice for strategies and targeting options so you don’t waste your ad spend on non-prospects.

Finally, we can use Linkedin and other analytics to gain insights to improve your programs. This includes sculpting the list of job roles, responsibilities and seniority of those who have seen your campaigns. This can be done before they click, so we can strategically tweak targeting filters before you spend money on clicks.

Advanced Solutions: We can work with advanced AI tools for audience development such as Bombora to give you a version of dynamic Account-Based Marketing to outperform you competition.

Native Video Ad Campaigns – Category or Demand Awareness Support for Emerging Industries or Services

Direct video content ads on LinkedIn obtains substantial reach and we recommend clients test this for their own business.  Demand generation should be a part of your program, since many will not even know they need you. As a Linkedin Marketing Agency, finding that balance is part of our work for you. Video Ad Campaigns can be ideal for expressing new and complex ideas.

We also carefully measure the performance of each campaign. Linkedin view analytics help you to understand what resonates so your future marketing efforts can be refined and improved.

LinkedIn Event Promotion – Tap into Dark Social Influence

LinkedIn advertising can be used for event marketing by targeting professionals with interests related to the event. Ad formats like sponsored content and sponsored InMail can be utilized to personalize invitations to encourage attendees to register or RSVP.

LinkedIn Sponsored Posts – Amplifying Your Best Content and Generating Demand

LinkedIn users are demanding when it comes to content. Using LinkedIn Sponsored Posts requires a real commitment to the production of relevant, high-quality content. As a B2B Marketing Agency, we will help you understand what this means and the resources you should set aside.

We encourage clients to focus on re-usable cornerstone content for LinkedIn that leverages their unique market perspective. We can help clients refine that core asset so it can be re-used in many ways and refined over time.

LinkedIn Lead Forms – Capture Demand With Precise Targeting

LinkedIn lead forms on ads offer several advantages for businesses looking to generate leads.

The lead features offer a simple user experience by allowing users to submit their contact information directly on the ad. This reduces friction and increases the likelihood of conversion.

Additionally, LinkedIn lead forms populate the user’s information based from their LinkedIn profile, saving typing – important for mobile devices. Businesses can also customize the form fields and set up automated follow-up messages to nurture leads. Our Linkedin Marketing Agency strategies will help you avoid mistakes frequently made with lead generation.

Finally, LinkedIn lead forms provide detailed analytics and insights to track the performance of the ad and optimize future campaigns.

LinkedIn Recruiting Campaigns for Executive Recruiting Tasks

Internal HR teams have a challenging task. Finding the ideal candidate for an executive position can end up costing 50% or more of annual salary. Mismatched candidates being interviewed costs even more time and money for your team.

Our Linkedin Recruiting Ads are powerful for tapping both active and passive candidates. We’ve developed calculators to estimate the cost-per-hire metrics using LinkedIn Ads instead of professional recruiters. We follow best practices for consulting about job listings that generate applications.

We use the same refinement strategies that we use in our other B2B Marketing strategies for targeting and campaigns. This ensures you’re reaching the right candidates for your job offers

Linkedin Job Title Targeting

LinkedIn and B2B

  • 80% of B2B marketing leads from social media come through LinkedIn.
  • 92% of B2B marketers use the platform over all others.

Audience Precision

  • Website Retargeting: Re-engage your website visitors by serving them relevant ads on LinkedIn
  • Contact Targeting: Nurture prospects you’ve already added to your system by uploading an existing contact list
  • Account Targeting: Reach decision makers at accounts you’ve identified as ideal potential customers through an ABM framework

Testing is non-negotiable in LinkedIn Campaigns

Testing is a sign of a results-oriented LinkedIn ad agency.  We insist that 20% of budget be dedicated to testing of audience sculpting and ad creative.  The long term results are vastly improved.

PPC Program Components

  • Goals and Campaign Strategy Development

    If you have a LinkedIn Ads program, we will review your data carefully and identify what was working and what was not. The audit is fast and surfaces issues we can address.

  • Persona and Audience Refinement

    LinkedIn campaigns must be designed around behavior, structuring personas, audiences, ads and filtering towards the decision makers you want to reach.  We have methods to keep the risks low and the results strong.

  • Monitoring and Optimization

    Optimization of a campaign happens at every stage from ad text, image/media, audience exclusions, demographic tweaks and more.

  • Landing Page Design

    “Post click” optimization is where we make sure the traffic we just worked so hard to get converts into leads or business at the highest rate possible.   We will then want to compare the performance of purpose-built landing pages with the use of LinkedIn Lead forms to see which works best for your campaign.

  • Reporting and Data

    With PPC, data is everything.  When you’re spending money on traffic, you have to be sure that it’s spent well and generating business.  This can be quite tricky, but working with Buzzmaven will help you wire up the system quickly and accurately.