I have 5 minutes… tell me the most important things I must know about SEO today.

Sometimes I’m forced to do a brain dump about the most important, cannot-skip, essential information about SEO in an incredibly short amount of time.    I need to use that limited time to simultaneously myth-bust and set the stage for future-proof programs..  It happens fairly often… an rarely sighted executive will “pop in” to a meeting,  someone will…

15 Actionable Thoughts About Content Marketing, Social Media Distribution and SEO

Content marketing is the new SEO.  It is centered on irresistible content and amplified by social media.  It includes blog posts, articles, white papers, videos, podcasts, and infographics.  87% of marketers use social media to distribute the content. Search engines use hundreds of signals to decide who ranks for a given query.  The most important…

The Multi-Screen Challenge and Opportunity in Online Marketing – New Research

We are a nation that carries tasks from screen to screen, using desktop PCs, laptops, TV, smartphones and tablets.   According to new research from Google, 90% of people move between devices to accomplish a goal.  Google’s research set out to understand this inter-device reltionship. There are 2 primary ways we “Multi Screen” “Sequential screening”…

SMX Local / Mobile – Wrap Up Session – High Points

A terrific brain trust of folks answered great questions that I’ve tried to aggregate into an organized list you may find very helpful. Enjoy! The Q/A was especially helpful and added a lot to the session.

Chris Sherman, Executive Editor, Search Engine Land
Greg Sterling, Founding Principal, Sterling Market Intelligence

TIP: See the end of this post for other coverage on the conference too.