Care, Expressed

I recommend you watch this full-screen, in HD.

A great video about your product or service doesn’t have to be insanely complex. Check this out.

Espresso, Intelligentsia from The D4D on Vimeo.

Google Adword Professional Certification Achieved

Well, I am now officially re-certified as a Google AdWords Certified Partner.  The program replaced the Google Adwords Qualified Professional program that I’ve been in for years.  It’s always nice to have third party verification of my skills in the exam.  I found the exam to be a lot harder than before – more focused…


Google Adwords Ad Testing Complicated by Ad Text Wrapping

As most of you know, split testing your ad text – not just for click throughs but for conversions – is one of the most important pre-click optimizations you can do with Google Adwords.  Ad text optimization is an iterative process where we run experiments on different approaches to headlines, description text and display URLs. …


15 Real-World-Proven Tips for Responding to (and Fixing) Negative Reviews [Updated]

Responding to reviews should be done with care, however.  Here are some tips for businesses who are going to begin responding to these reviews so you can avoid embarrassment and maximize the positive effect on your brand. Never be defensive about negative reviews.  Even if the reviewer was completely wrong and is acting like a…