Disqus becomes more SEO friendly with 301 Migration Tool

Disqus is used by a huge number of blogs thanks to its impressive set of discussion features, including threaded discussions, cache-friendliness, viral spread through Facebook connect and Twitter, email replies features and universal install-ability. But there were some significant weakness for SEOs – and Andy wrote up a few of them earlier.  But he left…


Moving Offices

I am moving my offices to downtown Lexington.  Please update your contact information when you get a chance.

BuzzMaven, Inc.
163 Main Street, 3rd Floor
Lexington, KY 40507

Phone number stays the same.

Social Media Statistics – Ignore At Your Peril

I don’t know why it’s so hard for many businesses to realize that they must change not just their website, but their entire business culture to prepare for the Social Media revolution. This video does a great job of putting the “A-ha moments” in your face. Here are 5 of the (dozens) of stats presented…


Social Media as an Integral Part of Communications

Jason Falls and I will be presenting to the National League of Cities on “Social Media as an Integral Part of Communications” on Thursday.  I always look forward to presenting with Jason and am certain there will be some good information moving around on this.   The organization is all about communications.  Municipalities need to learn…


Google Similar Image Search – Another Method of Copyright Infringement Detection?

The unauthorized use of photography is a major concern for photographers who license their images for use on the web. Technologies such as PictScout Image Tracker are used by stock photography companies to scour the web looking for unauthorized uses of their photographs by websites and blogs have been around for a while. Now, Google has released a beta version of Similar Image search. Will this change the landscape?