Hard Social Media Lessons

It’s easy to get comfortable with one’s branding and marketing plans.  Slide decks presented at the sales meeting look great.   Branding exercises give the executives a warm-fuzzy.  Advertising and PR schedules are polished to a shine.  But all it takes is one small leak, possibly in the form of two bored employees with a flip…


Competitor’s Ads – Untapped Opportunities?

In the past few years there have been examples of how companies have take advantage of the web to steal thunder from ad campaigns, such as the Pontiac vs. Mazda fiasco from a few years ago.   But it’s not often you see it happen in such a large scale in the physical world: BMW…


Are Tweetbots Ruining Twitter Search Results?

Like a cancer that’s growing in twitter search, the tweetbots arrive.  Dumb ones that aimlessly tweet every post on a forum to those that just retweet everything that anyone says about a topic.  It seems that every time I go to search twitter, I get a never ending stream of tweet bot output.   It’s like…


Triiibes Q&A – A Fabulous Ebook

I have enjoyed being a member of Triibes, a community set up by Seth Godin after the release of his book of the same name.

The ebook was set up by volunteers in the community – and was really well done. Highly recommended.

[ Triiibes EBook] – PDF file

Growing Your Business with Social Media “Sweat Equity” – One Approach

Sweat Equity usually means trading work or expertise for a good or service. If you are an expert in your domain, and willing to listen, there are many opportunities online to grow your business just by participating. This post offers a technological boost to the idea to streamline the process, minimizing the time you must spend and letting you focus your energy where it counts.