BuzzMaven SEO / PPC Services

Executive Summary [PDF]
A meeting-friendly quick summary of Buzzmaven for people in a hurry.

Organic SEO Consulting with Over 20 Years of Experience
Google’s organic traffic has changed a lot in the past few years, with fewer and fewer clicks coming  through.  We understand these changes and have updated “futureproof” methods to help our clients continue to thrive in this new world.  Organic SEO is still the highest ROI for any digital marketing service, but getting it right takes experience and time.  We can help you avoid mistakes and set your business for years of organic traffic.

Google Ads Consulting and Google Adwords Management
We are in the top 1% of all Google Ads Agencies in our abilities to make their search and display network “sing” for our clients.  But clicks are not enough – we have to make sure the Google Ads lead quality is extremely high so your conversion/close rates are correspondingly high.  We have been doing Google Adwords for over 15 years, and a partner in their Google Certified Partner program since it was launched.  Most of our clients hire us to revise and manage their accounts, where we drive incremental value every single week.

Social Media Marketing and Social Media Advertising
We use precision targeting, retargeting of other traffic and social amplification approaches within the gigantic social networks.

Linkedin Marketing and Advertising Consulting
Linkedin Advertising and Inmail advertising is super tricky and you must be very careful to avoid errors.  Driving business-to-business and industrial leads is a specialty of ours using the Linkedin Platform.  Brand awareness programs can be accelerated on Linkedin for niche commercial decisionmakers at key moments, such as before or after conferences or during corporate expansions. You’d be amazed at how we can target LinkedIn Ads.

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