We can help you take advantage of one of the most precise advertising networks available.

In Brief:

  • Incredible Targeting Options Thanks to LinkedIn Profile Targeting (in some Accounts)
  • Expand Ads Inventory for Proven Campaigns
  • Leverage Retargeting Cookies to Squeeze More Value from Budgets
  • Bing ads is time consuming to set up and manage due to less efficient system than Google.

Bing Accredited ProfessionalMicrosoft Advertising / Bing Ads Can Offer Substantially More Ad Inventory To Your PPC Programs With Amazing Targeting

The targeting options available to Microsoft Advertising / Bing Ads can add an entirely new dimension to your PPC strategy.  Targeting job titles, roles and even companies allow you to substantially lower your risks of wasted budgets.  Combine this with Bing’s excellent retargeting audience setup and you have the most powerful way to reach certain searchers at the moment they’re looking for you.

BuzzMaven’s approach is to leverage all relevant, potentially profitable ad inventory and targeting precision for each client and then develop precise keyword lists derived from searcher intent.

Typical Bing Ads Program Elements

  • Develop Targeting Audiences from Bing's Amazing Inventory

    Using your understanding of your customer, we will begin to sculpt an audience definition that helps your campaigns avoid risk – spending the money exactly where they are.

  • Adjust Bing Ads Specific Settings

    Microsoft Advertising /Bing’s bidding and targeting setups are different than Google Ads (Adwords), and even after an import need attention.  The resulting configuration may differ.

  • Microsoft Advertising / Bing Ads-Specific Optimization

    The campaigns on Bing Ads will take on a life of their own and need to be optimized from this point forward as “Bing” campaigns.  Optimization involves maximizing quality score, minimizing costs and getting as many conversions as possible.

  • Leverage Bing Machine Learning

    Microsoft has built a very powerful keyword suggestion and bidding engine that works especially well if you know how to use it.  Some of the Microsoft Advertising suggestions are useful to roll back into the Google Ads (Adwords) campaign!

  • Reporting and Analytics

    Any PPC program is dependent on data – and making sure that Bing Ads data is properly wired up keeps stakeholders aware of performance against goals.  Bing data isn’t as comprehensively interconnected as Google Ads (Adwords), so we build some special reporting.