We don’t just email you an automated “SEO audits” with our logo on them.

Everything is done by hand, by a pro SEO with 20+ years hands on experience.  Actionability of recommendations is the key measure of success.

You will be in a better competitive position, with a clearer understanding of what to do next, when this work product is delivered to you.

In Brief:

  • SEO audits take the guesswork out of where to spend time.
  • An audit can mitigate opportunity costs by guiding your marketing team.
  • Every audit is done by hand, and provided with actionable insights specific to your business.

Brutal Honesty for Business Performance

This is a honest, plain-English, objective critique of your websites’ SEO from a SEO specialist and researcher. These clinics are done via screen sharing and a phone call, or in person and on-site using big data, state of the art tools and rich Q&A. This audit is not cheap, but I promise it’ll be the best money you’ve spent on your website.

May Include:

  • explanations about why you are not ranking
  • review of your target keywords vs market search patterns.
  • evaluation of your current on-page SEO elements, such as meta data
  • comparison of your performance and approach to your market competition
  • SEO traffic analysis of your market for understanding of search engine “share”
  • Analytics review to be sure SEO traffic is being recorded properly
  • Discussion of previous SEO efforts with possible variations
  • PR, Marketing and Business Development Implications
  • Expose untapped niche opportunities
  • Actionable next steps for each audit observation

An SEO audit may be the best money you’ve ever spent on your website.

Tip: Chat GPT / Bard / etc. audit question responses are misleading and full of time wasting, unimportant recommendations.  Avoid these like the plague!

All SEO Audits Are Confidential

These services are 100% confidential. Don’t worry if your current web designer or SEO will find out you’re auditing their work. I guarantee anonymous treatment. The purpose of an audit is to help you succeed.