We can often assist with brand and individual online reputation issues and unwanted Google rankings.

Preventative ORM is the Best ORM

The smartest approach for any brand is to undertake preventative ORM and we can assist with the planning and execution of these programs.  If a powerful blog or forum ranks on page one of Google for your brand, you are at risk. This means that essentially anyone who wishes could post there can have a negative impact on your brand when people perform due diligence on you.

This may involve working with your legal department to document/register intellectual property assets and providing documentation for C&D or litigation.

A negative post, true or not, can shut down a company lead funnel, even when the negative post is NOT by someone you consider a “customer.”

These broad issues are covered in a strong ORM program – but these are highly variant depending on the client and situation.

  • Survey business tactics, public attitudes
  • Survey search engine results pages
  • Survey back-link profiles for problem sites
  • Monitoring brand and product names
  • Pro-active engagement practices for social media
  • Repair corporate website SEO issues.
  • Create micro-sites, social media profiles and blogs.
  • Conduct organic SEO on corporate sites, micro-sites, blogs.
  • Insert paid placements at strategic locations.

How long does Crisis ORM take?

There is no way to know. If your competitors are weak, then a few months may be all that’s necessary. If they are strong, it can take 8-12 months or more to dislodge a negative listing. This is why it’s always better to try to deal with the issue at the source.

Do Reviews and Ratings Still Matter?

100% absolutely yes – no matter what business you’re in. The difference between strong and poor review click through rates are huge. If you’re a franchise, this impact is multiplied.

Crisis ORM

Key Success Factors

  • Executive support
  • Adequate resources
  • Education of client about ORM
  • Persistence
  • Person to person authenticity
  • Compassion
  • Patience

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