Franchise Marketing SEO – Multi-Location SEO

Multi-Location SEO Programs

  • Hundreds of Locations with Common Headquarters
  • Google My Business and Microsoft / Bing Places
  • Template Design for Local Market Websites
  • Link building at Scale
  • Multi-Location Reporting
  • Local content team training and workflow advice
  • Local citation building and local business listing (LBL) audit and cleanup

BuzzMaven has built successful SEO programs for franchises with hundreds of locations.

Multi-Location SEO Programs

  • Resource Discussion

    Multi-location SEO is complex and involves teamwork between Buzzmaven, web developers, content creators and other staff, so a real-world timeline and resource availability discussion needs to take place before work begins. This likely includes a competitive landscape review and some education about multi-location and franchise SEO.

  • SEO Audit

    Develop and document understanding of the brand’s global footprint. Sample local traffic and ranking situations and review selected link profiles.

  • Scaled SEO Strategy Development

    Multi-location SEO requires more planning than smaller programs. Here, we will develop the timeline, checklists, and goals for the program while identifying stakeholders and resources.

  • Keyword Research

    We will develop the brand-level and location-specific keyword strategy so optimization has the best possible outcome. Regional search phrase combinations will be built into the CMS where possible.

  • Program Pilots and Broad Execution

    If the CMS allows, SEO strategy is piloted on a smaller set of locations to work out kinks in the process. But if not, we will stage the program in a systematic and careful manner.

  • Ongoing Optimization

    The SEO program is engineered for optimization, but there will be discoveries after the program is rolled out or during the pilot. These will be documented and addressed across the locations.

  • Measurement and Reporting

    Samples of individual locations will be gathered to compare performance to previous program standards and to gather insights to guide updates. Local ranking is reviewed for 3-pack, local pack and other search presentations, but converted traffic is the real measure.

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