SEO Consulting Services for Lexington KY, Louisville KY, Cincinnati and Across the USA

In Brief:

  • We use a transparent, results-focused approach – no false promises or unrealistic expectations.
  • We’ve had a SEO-focus since 2002 – This is not a sideline to other services.
  • Most SEO investments pay back for years via competitive advantage and savings in advertising

There are many #seo #agency secret sauces out there. Here’s one I think has staying power IF you can find clients willing to go the distance. The investment is substantial…but the ROI is in reducing your long term dependence on paid ads while competitors remain burdened with them. The corporate asset is authority.

  • Educate new prospects on what it takes to do SEO and flush out accumulated mythology in the organization. It can be substantial and it is toxic to real SEO work and internal support.
  • Find and direct the repairs of website problems through your web developer. Core Web Vitals and other performance considerations must be addressed. Conversion tracking and optimization are utterly essential.
  • Content…. “Train” the search engine to love you for answering questions – aka long tail Q&A – by driving high click-through and engagement patterns – even on lower volume phrases. You want search engines to see a strengthening “is known for” relation in behaviors. Find ways to drive links to the Q&A category or individual question pages – even if the volume is not huge. This is not a time to sell. “The only FAQs that sell are the FAQs that don’t try to sell.”
  • Build content and optimize for informational queries. You now deserve to go after higher volume terms. These may be informational queries that drive retargeting for now, but your domain authority should be growing and links accumulating. Attainable informational phrases are where you start (use KD scores as your guide.)
  • Build content and optimize for transactions. ump into the transactional queries moshpit with all the authority you’ve earned above. Optimize for high intent and conversions through construction of topic clusters between all of the content fuel you’ve built above. You are winning.
  • Explain the “if we had bought this organic traffic it would have cost us $” reporting paradigm and run these numbers up the org chart regularly. Keep support going from the C-suite.
  • Scale it… Spread your topical realms outward to dominate phrases that matter to your business one-by-one. Try to focus energy on ranking for specific searches – don’t let the effort get diluted as this slows the pace of progress – and hits motivation among the team as well as calls into question the investment. Rack up successes and celebrate them. Then go to the next one.
  • Leverage it….Ramp up safer, cheaper visit-retargeting paid/social campaigns to squeeze even more conversion value from your SEO efforts. CPAs should be substantially lower than prospecting ads here. Next, expand to similar/lookalikes to grow outward.

Ecommerce SEO Results' ROI Continues Indefinitely

Year over Year SEO Results - Niche Ecommerce Example

Traffic from organic Google and Bing searches represents the lion’s share of activity to a website.  Your competition would like to have it all.  Don’t let them.

Successful SEO is about capturing demand for your products and minimizing the opportunity costs of missing it.  Unfortunately, there are hundreds of agencies and individuals out there spreading myths, fear, uncertainty, and doubt about what SEO is – often making promises they cannot keep and spreading untruths.

With BuzzMaven, everything is fully transparent and evidence-based, attached to best practices from Google, Bing and the Search Industry.

SEO Traffic Building

The click through rate curve has smoothed somewhat over time, but still shows the dramatic value of a high-on-page rank.   Of course, ranking measurement is no longer as simple as it used to be.  For our clients, we’ll establish a consistent way to measure improvements, and explain the differences to expect between the report and what they see on their computer.

Distribution of Clicks on Google SERP
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Typical SEO Program Elements

  • SEO Audit

    Gather information as it results to SEO followed with a plain-English explanation of each part with specific recommendations for a project plan.

  • Keyword Research

    The customer journey involves the use of keywords, and focusing your SEO energy on the right ones helps anchor SEM and content activities.  Keyword research for SEO takes practice and awareness of customer intent.

  • Project Management

    Considering available resources, systematically prioritize issues to be resolved from audit findings.  Identify prerequisites for tasks and plan short and long term work.

  • Hands-On SEO Repairs and Enhancements

    Nuts-and-bolts execution of needed SEO repairs and updates while minimizing disruption and resource demands.

  • Knowledge Transfer and Training

    Work to update key stakeholders on the latest high-ROI, SEO-related activities they can integrate in daily operations as well as on-demand guidance for the team.

See Also

  • Franchise and Multi-Location SEO
    Scalable SEO programs for ranking multiple pages in different locations – one of the most difficult, yet profitable SEO projects.
  • Local SEO
    Local SEO is the process of connecting your business to the community of searchers nearby in a cost-effective manner.
  • AEO / Knowledge Base SEO (KBSEO)
    FAQs are highly potent tools for content marketing that connect well with search engines and customers. The research and creation of relevant FAQs benefits from a systematic team approach and clear understanding of internal and external Q&A, and buying cycles.
  • SEO Audits
    This is a honest, plain-English, objective critique of your website's SEO from a SEO specialist and researcher.   These clinics are done via screen sharing and a phone call, or in person and on-site using big data, state of the art tools and rich Q&A.
  • Avoiding SEO Scams, Incompetence and F.U.D.
    Unfortunately, we spend a lot of time defending clients from unsolicited SEO pitches - many of which depend on "FUD"  (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) to cause less aware staff to question the necessity of our "white hat" methods for SEO, while offering a shortcut through the slog.  Client education is key an we make every attempt to keep our clients aware of the state of the art so they're able to discern these scams when they see them.