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Thoughts on Google Q&A Knowledge Panel Feature for Multi-Location and Franchises (hint: It’s going to get ugly.)

Google is ramping up their Knowledge Pack Q/A program and web users are starting to take advantage of this crowd-sourced program that is very, very visible on the web.  This presents a challenge to business owners of course, but multi-location businesses are faced with an even more difficult situation.

Google’s Pigeon Update, “Near Me”, Local Packs and Service Area Businesses

The recent Google update (nicknamed “Pigeon” by the search community) for local results has impacted many.. but service area businesses are thus far seemingly getting the brunt of the changes, dropping off of the local packs in search results.  The question (to be determined as of this writing) is if changing these results to standard organic…

The Multi-Screen Challenge and Opportunity in Online Marketing – New Research

We are a nation that carries tasks from screen to screen, using desktop PCs, laptops, TV, smartphones and tablets.   According to new research from Google, 90% of people move between devices to accomplish a goal.  Google’s research set out to understand this inter-device reltionship. There are 2 primary ways we “Multi Screen” “Sequential screening”…