Experience in Search, Display, Youtube and Shopping Campaigns

In Brief:

  • Google Ads (Adwords) is the most powerful digital pay-per-click (PPC) network on the Internet.
  • A variety of campaign types can be created depending on the business goals.
  • Correct setup and optimization are essential to avoid waste and maximize ROI.

The Entire Buzzmaven team are Certified Adwords Partners.  Scott Clark achieved Google’s “Best of the Best” partner status as an Adwords Specialist in 2016, premier status in 2018 and has been solving difficult Google Ads problems since 2006.

Google Adwords Consulting Components

  • Google Ads (Adwords) Campaign Audit

    If you have an Google Ads (Adwords) Account, even if it was set up by Google, there is a good chance it’s wasting money – sometimes a great deal of money. We’ve looked at hundreds of accounts and can surface issues faster than you will believe.

  • Google Ads (Adwords) Campaign Design and Audience Definitions

    Google Ads (Adwords) Campaigns must be designed around search and intent – structuring the keywords, ads and filtering for the different stages of the customer journey. Low, medium and high intent keywords are identified by hand and organized into Adgroups that can have their own specific properties.

  • Optimization

    Optimization of a campaign happens at every stage from keyword choices, match type choices, ad texts, extensions, and landing pages.

  • Google Ads (Adwords) Landing Page Design

    “Post click” optimization is where we make sure the Google traffic we just worked so hard to get converts into leads or business at the highest rate possible. Split and multivariate tests are used to let behavioral data guide us in maximizing performance. Google Ads (Adwords) rewards great landing pages with higher landing page scores.

  • Integration With Google Analytics, CRM and Call Tracking

    When you’re spending money on Google Ads (Adwords) traffic, you have to be sure that it’s spent well and converting. Google Analytics is the most frequently used tool for this and we can wire it up so that data flows back to Google Ads (Adwords).  Third party CRMs and Call Tracking systems are also available for connection.

BuzzMaven specializes in Development of B2B and Multi-Location Programs, Including Healthcare

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