SMX Group Photo – Enhanced

The Flickr Version was a little dark…

A Zoomable/Pannable version coming as soon as (if) photographer sends me the high-res version.

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Search Engine Land has a SMX page with tons of links to other blogs related to the conference.

“The Dip”: Quitting to Win

In your web project, do you have parts that dead-end, with little chance of making you the best in your industry? Are there areas you should focus on in hopes of reaching the other side of the dip, joining the elite players of your business? Are you ready to sort those out, focus on the ones that matter and discard the rest?


TIP for conference presenters offering downloads

If you’re presenting at a conference and using a powerpoint deck or some illustrations, don’t post a URL for your stuff to be downloaded. This is a blind method that will not provide you with valuable information about the people who came to retrieve it.


SMX Rocked – wrap up

Okay just a short wrap up post here. SMX advanced was terrific. I’m walking away with a notebook full of tips, a bunch of new friends, and a great first experience. I look forward to the Local/Mobile conference in Denver.


SMX Advanced 2007 – Impressive! (And thanks to all who’ve welcomed a first timer!)

To anyone at the show right now reading over this….. thanks for making a first-timer feel so welcome – it’s been awesome. I’ve met some folks who not only were very approachable but ready and enthusiastic about conversations with a first-timer. I definitely try not to be the “interruption guy” but have managed to at least chat with some who I’ve wanted to meet for a long time and had extended conversation with many who I respect in the industry.


On-The-Fly Google Adwords: Part 1 of 3 – the Ads

It’s important that you design your advertising “funnel” to retain the confidence of the searcher from first click through ordering. I thought I’d show you a few tricks that have proven themselves over the years, starting with the most basic – the Google Keyword Insertion method, then talking about Dynamic Landing pages, and ultimately specialized product linkages from ads.


The Trouble with Twitters

I think we all can agree that the lifespan of a twitter should be about, oh, 2 minutes. But now they live on, cached even, in Google Search Engine Results pages.


A nice mention in the Wall Street Journal

I thought it was really nice to get a mention by Elizabeth Holmes in her article “Going Online Isn’t a ‘Must’ Move For All Entrepreneurs in the Wall Street Journal last week. I believe that many companies definitely jump in the wrong end of the pool sometimes.


Google Gadget Maker: Someone forgot to feed the gadgets.

I’m thinking I missed the point of Google Gadget Maker. Last night I had my hopes up, but tried it this morning and was really underwhelmed. Does it suprise anyone else, for example, that the the photo frame gadget requires you to change the photo manually rather than, say, plug it into tags on picasawebÂ…


Seth Godin’s List of Quitters

Seth Godin, my favorite author by far, just published a list of quitters (people who have quit one path and shifted to another, and found even more success) that includes people you’ll recognize, such as Jeff Foxworthy, Tom Peters, Bill Gates, me. What? Read more inside….


Wasted Tax Dollars on Useless Flash Websites

If we want to look up data, enter data, and use communications tools, why don’t we all take a lesson or two from Edward Tufte or Jakob Nielson and create an efficient, fast, textually driven site appropriate to the purpose. I hate to see government sites where loose-canon web designers are set free with no regard for the real needs of users.