XML Aggregation and Web Marketing

I also finally learned Carp and Grouper XML/Atom translation techniques for dynamic page generation and blog publishing. I took this and created a second tab on my home page that will hold my blog entries. Cool software – it has lit my idea light a bit on how my clients might be able to utilize…


Wikis for Internet Marketing: Ideas

I’ve been experimenting on a new side project (like I have time) that will use the WikiMedia software to allow visitors to Kentucky State Parks build their own park descriptions as they visit the parks. This will let those who know the parks up and down provide details and updates that we could never expect…


Adwords Management Done Right

I saw this on Seth Godin’s blog today and really enjoyed it. It’s a terrific example of how fast you can react in today’s advertising world. It doesn’t require that you bring America’s largest city to a standstill, many smaller events and news items warrant adjustment of your Adwords campaign. You just have to think…


Business Lexington Interviews 2006

I write for Business Lexington and am starting to think about my 2006 articles. Much will be written about Search, but I’m also interested in other SMB web techniques and ideas out there, especially from firms in Kentucky. If you have interest in this, send me a short idea list and we’ll chat. The site…


Local Live Birds Eye Optimization

With the release of Windows Live Local, we all need to start thinking about how our businesses appear from the air. 1. Text, Fonts, and Character Counts. With bold, florescent colors, businesses can draw customers to their busineses with phrases like “Good Pizza” or “”Divorce $199.” But with the size required (around 8×10′) you’ll have…


Don’t tick off the bloggers…a tale.

You know how food critics never show their faces in their articles? Well, imagine every blogger a critic. I just saw this article, and I think it’s just the beginning of a new wave of shake ups in crappy businesses – and it’s a good thing. Let’s just hope that those with good experiences sing…


Example: Alt tags can save the day

Little ALT tags (those little text pop ups you get when you roll your mouse over graphics on well designed sites) can save the day, you know. Take Amazon’s change card info page: Midway through the checkout process on amazon, I try to change my card to use for payment…and a big WTF. I cannot…


Remarkable Greeting Card Store – r-nichols.com

I highly recommend R. Nichols for your Christmas Cards this sesason. He’s giving 25% of his sales proceeds on holiday cards to the humane society. Not only is he a nice guy, but his designs are wonderful!

PS: Yeah, he’s the guy who illustrated “French Women don’t Get Fat”.

Holiday Shopping – Adwords Shotguns ‘a firing

Finally back from a wonderful family visit, I started doing a bit of holiday shopping this morning online. As I search, I am distracted by the horrible Adwords advertisements that are being run, no doubt at extremely high costs. If anything can be read into them it’s desperation. I thought it might be good to…


Watching the Yahoo Dream Feed

I subscribed to a very interesting feed the other day. This feed is the “What’s New on Yahoo” news. I watch items pop through there apparantly as Yahoo approves new directory entries. (at $299/pop) . It’s somewhat representative of new sites, or at least sites willing to spend money on their marketing. But, sadly many…


Electronic Surveillence in the Workplace

Only 10 years ago, conversations on the phone or in the hallways were forgotten quickly, introducing reasonable doubt if ever questioned in a legal context. But now these conversations, conducted electronically, are woven into the history of a company via electronic logging and backups.


Telecommuting Plans for the Real World

I was living in the Silicon Valley when I first read the term “telework.” It was printed in a brochure from a Pacific Bell trade show table at the San Jose Convention Center. Pac Bell was starting to push ISDN “high” speed Internet in northern California. After hearing about this stuff, your mind would wander…


PPC Waste – amazing!

Gosh, if I had even half of the wasted Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing money flowing each day I’d be blogging from some exotic locale in the sun! I think that just having someone LOOK at your PPC campaign for an hour is probably one of the best-spent consulting values out there. Trouble is, few…


On scaffolding and SEO Web Marketing

Web site marketing work is like scaffolding. You can skip it, but every effort you undertake after that will require much more effort. Savings are an illusion. As anyone in the construction trade will tell you, scaffolding is essential. It costs time and money to erect, rent or buy, and disassemble. But once it is…


Clicktracks Pro and Front Page

Learned something enormously important for Clicktracks Pro users who are trying to track “goal pages” which are the “thank you” pages of forms submitted using Frontpage Web Components. Clicktracks can’t see the thank you page. So a good way to handle this is to set up an inline frame on the site (tiny ok) that…


Spectators versus Adopters

Embracing the web in a proactive way is critical to success. It’s not possible to just sit back and let a website do the work. You have to get involved. So get out there and mingle. Learn how to blog. Build your web business by word of mouth. Search Engines can only go so far.…


Webtrends and Ecometry

The Webtrends Enterprise test with Ecometry is going pretty well. I have accurate page names showing in flow funnels and the data all looks about right. The next phase is to get it to feed the subtotal data (ecommerce) into the tags the way WT demands. Kevin Pahl has been very helpful in arranging me…


Go To My Meeting? Good service?

I’m thinking about the new GoToMyMeeting service. I am constantly in the need for screen share and presentations, and this may be the thing. But when to have time to run a test. Aggghhh.

This service outperforms Yugma in a big way. I tried using Yugma for months. It’s awful.

Click to check it out.

Front porch session – what blogging means

What a great weekend. Spent lots of time on the porch writing about blogging for the new BizLex article. It’s hard to write about blogging – I mean it’s hard to write about something changing so fast. You know that as soon as you’re published, it’s old – done, passe. I just hope I have…


Online maps – leaps and bounds

I’ve been having great fun looking at the new interactive maps available on-line. Google’s satellite images on Google Earth (formerly Keyhole) is lots of fun, and the detail on terraserver blows me away. One of the coolest new developments is Amazon’s A9.com “views” idea. On this map they show you what it would look like…


Google Wallet can change everything

How much time do you waste on-line looking for something? If you’re like me, a huge amount. RSS and delivered headlines/feeds have really helped, but what would you pay for a “cleaned” version of what’s out there? $0.05/page? $0.10/site? Well, it’s no accident that Google is building its own wallet system. While clearly there is…


Google Adwords Professional Exam Passed

Whoo hoo! I just passed the Google Adwords Professional Exam. That test was kinda nasty. Wow, glad to have that one behind. I admit, however, I do know a LOT more about Adwords best practices than I did. The eye opener is that most folks do it *wrong* and there must be tens of millions…


One big happy brain – RSS

RSS is an acronym for “Real Simple Syndication” and is simply a way for you to get highly-compatible blobs of data out to the public in a format that many systems can read, XML. One of the methods of using “incoming” RSS is to send out news snippits. Those on the receiving end can pick…