Lee Odden’s List of Marketing Blogs

How’d you like to see just about every smart Internet marketing blogger that exists in one great list? Well, just fire up the over 300 blogs on the Search Marketing Blogs list at TopRank Marketing and you’ll give your RSS reader a real workout. I’ve found a mixed bag of content, but overall, pretty damn…


Google Adwords Cost Per Click with Site Targeting?

Google’s just announced that they are starting testing site-targeted pay-per-click. Currently that is available only as CPM (cost per thousand.) It’s pretty clear that Google stands to make more money from a CPC model using site targeting as advertisers will be able to become extremely precise in their placements. It will change the way I…


Yahoo Pipes – A RSS Mixerboard

Yahoo Pipes (beta) is a kind of RSS feed aggregator mixer board for creating mashups. It has debugging helper tools, great filtering, and then you can publish the feed to use in your favorite feed reader. I’ve long used Geckotribe’s CARP and GROUPER to do RSS mashups, and always found there to be tremendous power…


Always Working! Lexmark Surveys Knowledge Workers

Last June, I ribbed Lexmark about their slogan, “We’re Always Working.” Now they’ve decided to see if it is really the case, and if productivity has climbed over the last 5 years. So, they asked Ipsos to interview 711 knowledge workers between Oct. 10 and 24, 2006 as a part of a survey of knowledge…


12 Things to Remember When Building A Franchise Portal

If you’re tasked with building a portal for a franchise, where franchisees will share ideas and information through online collaboration tools, here are five tips to make your deployment smooth and effective. It doesn’t matter which platform you’re using, or if you’re building it from scratch, a franchise portal can be one of the most…


MyBlogLog Animated Avatar – Why I removed It

I had fun with the animated avatar – it was like adding a little personality to the mybloglog gadgets, but today I saw the first signs of abuse – and it felt like a banner ad. So I’m back to my standard mug. And little kitten will have to dance here in my blog instead.

MyBlogLog Does Flickr, Gets Slow

You can now post your latest Flickr images on your MyBlogLog photos (but not your avatar, yet) – but at the same time, the service as creeped to a near halt. Growing pains?

When programmers write title tags

This is not from a small-time shop, but from a prominent freelance service – and this is on the page where consumers will feel anxiety (money$$). Think nobody reads the title tags? Think again.

The Inc. 500 adopts Social Media

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth’s Center for Marketing Research conducted a phone survey with 121 of Inc. Magazine’s “Inc. 500” to see if there have been changes in the awareness and use of Social Media techniques (social networking, blogging, message boards, online video, wikis, and podcasting.) It doesn’t say which of the 121 were surveyed.…


Web Design Wisdom from a 3rd Grade Musician

My 3rd grade daughter offered some good advice the other day when I asked her about school. She’s learning (mastered) to play the recorder in music class. I asked her what she found to be the hardest thing to play and she told me this advice: “The hardest thing about playing the recorder in music…


Emotional Zooming – The Photograph is the Catalog

I can remember seeing “powers of 10” as a kid on PBS. It started at the atomic level and ended up at the intergalactic scales. I even have one of the original books. This shockwave tool instantly caught my eye. While this works with a pre-set grouping of photos, I would LOVE to see it…


Spacially Aware Feed Discovery – Mobile Search Thoughts

Here’s the thing. I’ve seen people run into objects trying to dial their mobile phone. So it’s hard for me to imagine millions of people suddenly typing in query after query into mobiles in a crowded airport trying to find the lowest price on rental cars. Now I admit that I’m in the United States,…


The Jukebox Digital Billboard – Show my message next!

If you want to create a bit of a stir, open up your digital billboard to the masses (may not be SFW) and let them post what they like. Better yet, post 20 of these on your wall. Grab flickr feeds and give each table in your restaurant a unique theme, or pop them up…


Digital Photo Frame with Wifi at CES – my prediction.

Everyone’s chiming in with CES predictions and mine will be that one of the small LCD partnership companies will introduce a sleek, beautiful WI-FI and Bluetooth enabled digital photo frame that we’ll be proud to hang on our wall for under $500. Phillips? Apple? Sony? A Wifi digital photo frame does not seem to be…


The toy to have – Christmas 2015

Here is the toy to have in 2010. We’ll all be doing dogfights, chasing birds, chasing criminals, buzzing the annoying old man down the street and more. I want one. Now.


Americans Watch TV 25% of Waking Hours

Small Business TV Advertising still vital when these numbers are considered Hey, The Census Bureau just put out a snapshot of how Americans are using media in the Statistical Abstract of the United States, Here are a few hilights… 41 days listening to radio.. okay, multitasking is good. 7 days using the Internet (email and…


Building a Non-Profit Website in 2007 – Tips To Help

Having a well-executed and simple website can be a great, low-cost extension of your non-profit – or a huge waste of time. As many charities increase their visibility during the holidays, I’m struck by how many have churned away obvious hours into sites that offer little that would help them move towards their stated organizational…


Airzooka – Great Balls of Air! (and great service!)

Santa brought my kids each an Airzooka for Christmas. We had fun playing with it, and housecats all across Kentucky now understand it’s time to duck for cover when this big honkin’ thing comes out. But my youngest daughters’ Airzooka had a broken handle right from the box. We taped it together and I sent…


Installing Apache on Windows XP With Skype

Warning – geeky post. I had been putting off setting up an apache test server (Apache 2.2 with PHP 5.5) here in the “lab” until this week and allowed about 30 minutes to set it up. Two hours later I was still mucking about. The Apache service kept colliding with another service on Port 80…


10 Under-reported SEO and Social Media Stories from 2006

Hacker, Spammer, and Virus Writers’ Motivations Shifting A troubling shift was noted by computer security companies. Motivations for hackers and virus authors shifted from ego to cash, leading to recruitment of a new breed of talented, socially-aware programmers. With money on the line, the sloppy “fire and forget” mentality of previous virus creators is being…


Too fancy, too fast?

Timberland.com has worked hard on adding lots of features to their website. Lots of neato ajax and drag and drop coolness. It’s such a shame that the entire event can be ruined by a single little 180×120 pixel gray box continually popping up when all I want to do is buy some presents. Object Error.…