Auditions Today! A Fluid, Simple Way to Narrow Blogs

We are all busy, but most of us love blogs. Finding, filtering, and selecting blogs is something that must be done by hand. because it requires that we personally evaluate an author’s efforts and give them enough time to show their stuff. It’s my blog audition, borne from necessity.

At one point I had 1400 blogs in Google Reader, haphazardly picked. Even with nicely developed folders, filters, and so on, I found myself wasting far too much time. So one day I got fed up. I did the equivalent of “touch bloglist.opml” and started over.

And, what evolved afterward was a very simple and effective method for narrowing down the thousands of blogs without impacting your daily flow.

Mix up Blogs or Break Them Down?

My blog has a mix of topics, all generally related to web business consulting. But I also put a few humorous topics as well as a few relevant (business web) posts about Lexington, KY. I receive casual comments all the time about people saying they like it, but my subscriber counts are stuck and often…

Focusing Outward

I found this on, and it resonated. Some people thrive on the energy of a constant battle. On how badly they can take those around them. Not me. It kills me. And, at least for me, I discovered there is a much better way to launch and grow your small business or reinvigorate your…