Wasted Tax Dollars on Useless Flash Websites

If we want to look up data, enter data, and use communications tools, why don’t we all take a lesson or two from Edward Tufte or Jakob Nielson and create an efficient, fast, textually driven site appropriate to the purpose. I hate to see government sites where loose-canon web designers are set free with no regard for the real needs of users.

Disfunctional Franchises are Brand Cancer

There are two types of franchises. Brand franchises and Business Model Franchises. When you buy a business model franchise, you are saying that you believe in their mode of operation. But more and more franchisees are doing a pick-and-choose approach to the franchises models, and I think it’s damaging entire franchise systems. Franchises aren’t designed for the independent-minded. They depend on a by-the-book execution of a business plan, adherence to time-tested systems and a willingness to follow directions.