SMX Local / Mobile – Wrap Up Session – High Points

A terrific brain trust of folks answered great questions that I’ve tried to aggregate into an organized list you may find very helpful. Enjoy! The Q/A was especially helpful and added a lot to the session.

Chris Sherman, Executive Editor, Search Engine Land
Greg Sterling, Founding Principal, Sterling Market Intelligence

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SMX Local / Mobile – Show me the money!

Show Me the Money!

So there are Billions out there. But who’s making money now. How will SEMs place bets now to ensure their success? Show me the money!

Greg Sterling


Ian White, CEO, Urban Mapping
Shawn Riegsecker, Chairman & CEO, Centro
Justin Sanger, CEO, LocalLaunch
Alfred Chow, Head, Yellowbook

Lots of energy in the room for this one. Big variety on the panel. PACKED ROOM.
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SMX Local / Mobile – Putting Local Search on the Map

This is a liveblogging entry from SMX Local/Mobile – a conference I’m attending in Denver, CO.

This was the best session I’ve attended yet at the conference. Lots of great information and engaging speakers. Good questions from the room and highly relevant content. Bravo!

Chris Sherman, Executive Editor, Search Engine Land

Alex Porter, Vice President, Location3 Media
Alan Beiagi, Director and GM, Mapquest
Michael Jones Google – replaced Microsoft who didn’t show