Paid Search Optimization

Franchise SEO and Franchise Websites – A Future-Proof Solution for Service Oriented Franchises [Updated]

Many franchises are operating their online marketing programs in a manner that gets them into trouble as they grow, or when they have turnover in franchisees.  The Franchise SEO programs designed for the Internet as it was in 2005 are no longer effective. Not only have users changed, but search engines and social networks have dramatically…

Google Automatic Matching Beta = Pay, Spray and Pray?

They say playing the lottery is a “special tax” for the “math challenged.” I think that’s true. In the search world Google’s new Automatic Matching setup is a special tax on the uninformed advertiser. What I’m hearing about the new Google Automatic Matching beta is that they will look at unspent funds in your account,…

5 Methods to Track Offline Conversions – and Plug Huge Marketing Budget Leaks.

One of the most difficult challenges is tracking paid search performance via telephone calls for the small business. While a few will spring for a new 800 number or IVR system to get some of that information and train phone staff in its use, many cannot due to the workaday reality. Often the busy office environment means metrics go out the window in favor of just getting the order out, so the company continues to guess.