We Can Help You Build Campaigns Focused on Phone Calls and Text Messages (SMS) From Customers

In Brief:

  • A strategy for paid advertising focused on phone calls over website visits.
  • Attribution to campaigns, lead scoring and call recording are common attributes.
  • Sophisticated call distribution models are possible.

Pay Per Call May Be Ideal If Your Team:

  • Can answer the phone quickly and reliably.
  • Works in a urgent or fast-need industry
  • Needs to guide customers through complex buying decisions
  • Has proven, outstanding phone skills

Pay Per Text SMS may be ideal for businesses which:

  • Can respond relatively quickly, but not instantly
  • Are proficient at texting and follow up
  • Need to give status updates to customers

Some Pay Per Call / Text Solutions Available

  • Call Tracking Software is at the heart of call analytics.

    Google Call-Only Campaigns

  • Google Ads Call Extensions
  • Google Ads Message Extensions
  • Google Home Services Ads
  • Amazon Home Services Ads
  • Bing Call Extensions
  • Bing Message Extensions (coming soon)
  • Facebook Read Ads with Phone Call to Action
  • Facebook  “Messenger” ads (with SMS notifications.)

When evaluating the costs of calls, make sure to consider what a similar lead would cost through another source as well as the lifetime value of a customer.

Attribution of Calls and Messages Is Critical – We May Use:

  • Dynamic Phone Numbers on Ads
  • Dynamic Phone Numbers on Landing Pages or Website
  • In addition to the paid networks’ own offerings, we can assist with setup on:
    • Callrail
    • Callfire
    • CallTrackingMetrics
    • CallMeasurement
    • OpenVBX

Depending On Your Business, We May Also Suggest:

  • Office-hours oriented “dayparting” to show your ads when you’re available
  • After hours call center services
  • “Whisper” systems that tell you the call is from a certain campaign before connecting you to the caller
  • Call recording (where allowed)

70% of Mobile Searchers have used the call button right from the search results

Typical Pay Per Call Program Elements

  • Discuss Feasibility

    Not every business vertical is good for Call or Text paid campaigns. We need to discuss the amount you’re willing to spend for a targeted call or message and look into the current range of costs.

  • Discussion about Phone and Message Capabilities

    Before configuring pay-per-call, we must consider the hours, days of the week when you can accept calls and texts, and the capabilities of your staff.

  • Keyword Research

    With pay per call/message campaigns we will want to focus on high-intent phrases where the customer has a clear need.  Calls can be too expensive for “general” phrases.

  • Campaign Setup

    Involves the setup of campaigns, ad groups, call tracking and analytics for your pay per call / message campaign.

  • Call Routing and Forwarding

    If you have a larger sales team or need to adjust your routing of calls or messages, we may need to employ some technology to be sure the right salesperson gets the messages at the right time.  This can include PBX setup, round-robin-style routing and other customizations.  Some of these are handled by your phone provider, but we can assist in the integration.

  • Testing and Measurement

    There are a lot of moving parts in some pay per call campaigns, so we’ll need to carefully test out each call scenario.  We also need to be sure we can report on calls that come in, are completed, and how long they last.  We may include systems to record lead quality where possible with the “whisper” system.

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