We can help you extending the conversion opportunity by targeting PPC audiences multiple times.

In Brief:

  • Retargeting involves definition of an audience based on behavior (such as a page visit) and then focusing some campaigns on these audiences.
  • Retargeted campaigns can have much higher conversion rates and therefore tolerate higher bidding.
  • With sufficient PPC traffic, customer segmentation can allow very precise campaigns for specific behaviors.

Retargeted audience campaigns can convert at 3-4x over regular targeting.

Retargeting technology is available on all of the major PPC networks, including Google Ads (Adwords), Bing Ads, Facebook, Linkedin and more.  With a well considered setup, you can scale click-bidding along the customer journey, spending more when the visitor is more likely to convert into a lead our purchase, while keeping lower intent phrases in the program at lower maximum CPC to feed the funnel.  Each client strategy is different, but the goal is maximum return on ad spend.

Retargeting Can Extend Conversions

Landing Page Project Elements

  • Define Audiences

    First we will define the target audience you want to retarget.  This will sometimes be limited by the amount of traffic your site has.  We may target all site visitors or a subset.

  • Install Needed Code

    Using Google Tag Manager we will install needed tracking cookies on your site and sub-sections of the site.  We may also add cookies connected with specific events, such as adding item to the shopping cart, or partially filling out a form.

  • Build Retargeting Campaigns

    In your existing PPC accounts, we will choose or build campaigns specifically for retargeting.  Using historical bids we will build a strategy for Max CPC or CPA based on the fact that visitors are more likely to convert.

  • Test Bidding and Ad Language

    We will test our assumptions that retargeted audiences respond better to the retargeting campaigns, do appropriate split testing to ad text, landing pages and keyword lists.

  • Apply Analytics Data to Adjustments and Refeine

    Using reporting from your site and campaigns, we will review the effectiveness of the retargeting campaigns and possibly adjust bid strategy, max CPA/CPC and other settings to maximize the impact on revenue.