A Summary of the Digital Marketing Services We Offer

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  • Pay Per Click / Display
    When planning and executing a paid search campaign, you must succeed in both achieving high algorithmic quality scores and high conversion rates from customers. When running PPC for many business locations, you must find ways to scale both the operations and optimization. Learn more here.
  • SEO Consulting Services
    Services related to increasing long-term, relevant traffic to websites via Google and Bing, including multi-location businesses and franchises. Futureproof advice, hands-on execution and team training to weave great SEO into everyday activities at your company.
  • Content Marketing
    Customers have a varying “information appetite” that you must satisfy if you’re going to gain their attention. Content marketing success comes from wisely utilizing limited resources at your company and integrating them into other well-executed amplification and measurement programs.
  • Keyword Research for SEO and PPC
    Leveraging various sources of search data, we can help to reduce risk and improve campaign and content performance by getting inside the head of the Internet’s searching community. We seek strong intent for some tings and more organic exploration phrases for others.
  • Franchise SEO and Multi-Location Solutions
    Specialty in Franchise SEO and PPC Services for the multi-location corporation where scalability and local traffic are essential.
  • Online Reputation Management (ORM)
    The Internet demands authenticity and resists damage control. You must understand how ORM works to make it part of everyday activities rather than be only “reactive” to crisis. Scott Clark has helped many companies deal with these situations as well as plan to avoid them.
  • Social Media Marketing
    Social media is your opportunity to fill the information voids in the customer journey.  Using social amplification, great content can be distributed where customers are, connect to retargeting technologies and turned into strong ROI and awareness as they move down the funnel.
  • Supplementary Services
    In my 20 years of digital marketing consulting, I’ve picked up a lot skills in areas related to the business, from UX to domain names to audits.
  • Executive Summary
    As an executive, you need concise, actionable advice about many aspects of digital marketing – without the constant sales pitch. Having an expert to assist with sorting this out can be invaluable, especially when considering an investment, M&A or other key corporate decisions.