90% of Facebook accounts we review are wasting at least 75% of their budgets with overly broad audiences, incorrect settings, or poor definition of the buyer journey.

In Brief:

  • Facebook and Instagram have incredible reach and fantastic targeting capability.
  • Customer match targeting enhanced with Lookalike strategies can help you scale your programs in weeks instead of months.
  • Facebook split testing lets us take the guesswork out of ad optimization to minimize long term costs.
  • Layering of audiences allows us to precisely target your high-intent audiences for best real-world performance.

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Working with BuzzMaven Digital Marketing Agency Gives You and Instant Advantage and “Shortcuts” Your Path to Success

Facebook is full of traps and nuance.  We can help you get approved campaigns online and testing fast, without wasting budgets on misaligned programs.  Choosing the best optimization setup depends on a balance of volume, behavior and end goal.  For ecommerce, for example, viewing products, adding them to the shopping cart, initiating checkout and buying are all optimization goals that each have strengths and weaknesses.

Brand Awareness Potential to Buyers using Facebook with Custom Events

Facebook can help you introduce your solution to customers very precisely and affordably.  Engagement actions on these audiences can be captured for advanced retargeting on Facebook as well as Google, Microsoft and Linkedin.  Setting up these triggers, data points and analytics is a specialty of BuzzMaven.

Audiences are Everything!   Customer Lists, Lookalike and Layering

Using the known quantity of your current customer list means you can bypass much of the trial-and-error associated with finding ideal AIM (Affinity and In-Market) audiences for your company.  By taking your current customer list and building lookalike audiences, we can scale quickly to 1%, 2% or more of the entire population of a region.  With this as the basis, we can then begin layering AIM focus parameters to match audience to offer to timing quickly and without guessing.

The Right Creative for the Right Offer – A Mastery of Formats and Ad Settings

We have mastery of the different formats and which are applicable to each scenario.  Carousels, collections, dynamic, and other forms are available, but some combinations work much better than others for your specific goals.  We can advise rapidly on what media assets and content is needed and then help you curate, assemble and publish ideal ads to capture the demand for your offer.

Facebook is full of nuance and little traps which can waste lots of time and impact results.  We avoid these situations thanks to experience running hundreds of campaigns annually.

PPC Program Components

  • Goals and Campaign Strategy Development

    If you have a current Facebook program, we will review your data carefully and identify what was working and what was not. The audit is fast and surfaces issues we can address.

  • Persona and Audience Refinement

    Facebook campaigns must be designed around behavior, structuring personas, audiences, ads and filtering.  We can help you find this combination and scale it fast.

  • Monitoring and Optimization

    Optimization of a campaign happens at every stage from ad text, image/media, audience exclusions, demographic tweaks and more.

  • Landing Page Design

    “Post click” optimization is where we make sure the traffic we just worked so hard to get converts into leads or business at the highest rate possible.   We will then want to compare the performance of purpose-built landing pages to see which works best for your campaign.

  • Reporting and Data

    With PPC, data is everything.  When you’re spending money on traffic, you have to be sure that it’s spent well and generating business.  This can be quite tricky, but working with Buzzmaven will help you wire up the system quickly and accurately.