We focus on maximizing your PPC programs’ potential through ongoing support and optimization while you take care of your business.

In Brief:

  • Working with an experienced partner can help you reach maximum performance in a fraction of the normal time.
  • We offer expertise in strategy, campaign design, measurement, execution and optimization.
  • All PPC work is done with ROI and CPA in mind and full transparency on business metrics.

PPC Management Campaigns

  • Google Ads Manager (Adwords) Search Campaigns
  • Google Ads Manager (Adwords) Display Campaigns
  • Google Marketing Platform
  • Bing Ads Search Network
  • Bing Ads Content Network
  • LinkedIn Ads Manager
  • Facebook Ads Manager

Contracts can include all or some of the available networks.  If multiple networks are involved, optimization will happen fluidly between them – building a “gold standard” campaign setup that leverages the respective strengths.

Multiple Location Business or Franchise?  We’re among the most experienced in the world.   Check out:  PPC management for multiple locations

Hour by Hour Bid Optimization Brings Your Cost Down and Your Profits Up!

Hour by Hour Bid Optimization Brings Your Cost Down and Your Profits Up!

Optimization of PPC programs can have an amazing ROI, but it takes some time and data to reach potential. If you want to dominate a market or outperform aggressive competition, having a partner available longer term may be an excellent decision.

In addition, PPC contracts allow time to bring data insights into your entire business, including SEO, Content Marketing and Strategic Planning.

PPC Management Contracts

  • Existing Campaign Backup

    We save existing accounts in backup and provide those to the client to archive.

  • Budget and Management Systems

    As much as we love Google and Microsoft, we would rather manage our clients’ budgets and bids ourselves.  Our proprietary-but-transparent systems offer an objective, rule-based approach that is 100% unique for each client, and evolves over time.

  • Keyword Research

    Even for existing campaigns, keyword and behavioral information about customers is essential in building campaigns.  Keywords are classified by intent.

  • Campaign Reconfiguration

    Most campaigns are setup poorly, so we will reconfigure them around best practices, customer intent and maximizing conversions.  We also ruthlessly remove wasteful elements.

  • Ongoing Optimization

    We discover and apply fixes and updates in a never-ending feedback loop.  A mix of hand-optimization and machine learning rapidly drives costs down and leads up.

  • Testing and Measurement

    Data warehousing of performance data gives the whole team information about what is working and what needs improvements.  When valuable, we may directly connect behavioral data into bid and budget management systems using rules we design for your business.