Squeezing maximum performance from your paid traffic campaigns using state of the art testing.

In Brief:

  • Conversion rate optimization involves dividing paid traffic into segments to determine which performs best.
  • Technologies exist on landing page systems as well as within Google Conversion Optimizer technology.
  • Performance of your traffic can be doubled or more, making the process well worth the effort.

Conversion rate optimization can have a lift of over 500% while actually reducing your cost per click costs.

Landing Page Project Elements

  • Analyze Searcher Intent

    Before you can know what a landing page program should look like you should have a good understanding of the stages of the customer journey and what the call-to-action should be.

  • Identify the Offers

    What compelling offer do you have that we can portray on the landing page?  Determining this offer – including whether it’s sufficiently interesting to spark the conversion – must be done early to avoid waste.

  • Choose Conversion Rate Optimization Tools

    We will assist you with the setup, testing and use of conversion optimization technology.

  • Landing Page Development

    With the offer and the intent in mind, construct pages according to best practices for long-form and short-form treatments, and set up proper hosting for them on your website or landing page content tool. These pages are usually not shown in the organic search results at all.

  • Introduce Landing Page Variations

    With best practices in mind, we will introduce variations to test as alternative treatments for your offer.  The content may be very similar from one to the other, but page layout, headlines and other key elements may be changed.

  • Conduct Landing Page Experiments

    Rotation of treatments with traffic to each and monitor the conversion performance of each.  Extract insights from the experiments.

  • Leverage Insights

    As patterns emerge and we learn what types of pages seem to work best for which offer, learnings might be folded into the non-PPC side of the site.  We may also do rematches with new variations to further increase performance.