Digital Advertising Consulting and Campaign Management

Driving conversions and leads up, while driving traffic costs down.

In Brief:

  • Digital Ads are Precisely Targeted to the Right People, at the Right Moment.
  • We Strive to Return $5 for Every $1 Spent or Better
  • We Often Recommend a Blended Approach Covering Multiple Networks

Primary Digital Advertising Platforms We Work With

  • Linkedin Advertising for Lead Generation and B2B Brand Awareness Success
    Linkedin Marketing Solutions offer a powerful combination for brand awareness and lead generation. Experienced consulting in this space can help you avoid excess costs during startup and for many years to come.
  • Google Ads (Adwords) Consulting Agency
    Google's amazing Ads system provides extremely strong reach while rewarding optimization. Most companies are wasting most of their budget, but when the work with BuzzMaven, we systematically "boil away" the waste, making it safe for them to scale in years to come.
  • Microsoft Advertising – Bing Ads – PPC Consulting
    Unprecidented targeting precision and substantial inventory can make expansion into Bing Ads a very wise decision. Leverage their retargeting to squeeze more value from your other marketing programs.

More than 75% of the PPC accounts we review are wasting most of their budget due to poor setup or inadequate optimization.

PPC Program Components

  • PPC Audit

    If you have a PPC program, even if it was set up by Google, there is a good chance it’s wasting money – sometimes a great deal of your budget.  The audit is fast and surfaces issues we can address.

  • Campaign Design

    Campaigns must be designed around behavior, structuring the keywords, ads and filtering for the different stages of the customer journey.  Low, medium and high intent keywords must be identified by hand and machine learning used to fit the bidding to the budget.

  • Campaign, Ad, Audience and Keyword Optimization

    Optimization of a campaign happens at every stage from keyword choices, match type choices, ad texts, extensions and landing pages.

  • Landing Page Design

    “Post click” optimization is where we make sure the traffic we just worked so hard to get converts into leads or business at the highest rate possible.  Split and multivariate tests are used to let behavioral data guide us in maximizing performance.

  • Reporting and Data

    With PPC, data is everything.  When you’re spending money on traffic, you have to be sure that it’s spent well and generating business.  This can be quite tricky, but working with Buzzmaven will help you wire up the system quickly and accurately.