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Thoughts on Google Q&A Knowledge Panel Feature for Multi-Location and Franchises (hint: It’s going to get ugly.)

Google is ramping up their Knowledge Pack Q/A program and web users are starting to take advantage of this crowd-sourced program that is very, very visible on the web.  This presents a challenge to business owners of course, but multi-location businesses are faced with an even more difficult situation.

Franchise SEO and Franchise Websites – A Future-Proof Solution for Service Oriented Franchises [Updated]

Many franchises are operating their online marketing programs in a manner that gets them into trouble as they grow, or when they have turnover in franchisees.  The Franchise SEO programs designed for the Internet as it was in 2005 are no longer effective. Not only have users changed, but search engines and social networks have dramatically…

15 Real-World-Proven Tips for Responding to (and Fixing) Negative Reviews [Updated]

Responding to reviews should be done with care, however.  Here are some tips for businesses who are going to begin responding to these reviews so you can avoid embarrassment and maximize the positive effect on your brand. Never be defensive about negative reviews.  Even if the reviewer was completely wrong and is acting like a…