SMX Group Photo – Enhanced

The Flickr Version was a little dark…

A Zoomable/Pannable version coming as soon as (if) photographer sends me the high-res version.

For now… click to zoom

Search Engine Land has a SMX page with tons of links to other blogs related to the conference.

“The Dip”: Quitting to Win

In your web project, do you have parts that dead-end, with little chance of making you the best in your industry? Are there areas you should focus on in hopes of reaching the other side of the dip, joining the elite players of your business? Are you ready to sort those out, focus on the ones that matter and discard the rest?

SMX Rocked – wrap up

Okay just a short wrap up post here. SMX advanced was terrific. I’m walking away with a notebook full of tips, a bunch of new friends, and a great first experience. I look forward to the Local/Mobile conference in Denver.