We Are Experts at PPC Keyword Research for Google Ads (Adwords) and Bing Ads To Start Your Campaigns Out Right

In Brief:

  • Grouping phrases by collections of customer intent and bidding or blocking appropriately is key to optimization. We call this the “Keyword Roadmap” or “Intent Model”.
  • Voice search and mobile behaviors are changing how people search, but intent models are still the best approach.
  • Much of the waste in PPC and SEO comes from poor keyword research, bidding, and measurement.

Your SEO and PPC programs are likely to show significant improvements in relevance and performance after using a keyword roadmap.

The Intent Model or Keyword Roadmap

In a fraction of the time you could do it internally, we will build a “Keyword Roadmap” or “Intent Model” for your business, allowing you to reliably focus your PPC, SEO and content marketing programs on apparent demand.

Nothing is better for focusing your SEO and PPC efforts on the right searches at the right time.

keyword research
keyword intent research

Some Keyword Research Considerations

  • Are the keywords popular in real-world searches?
  • What derivatives or misspellings are common?
  • Is there a lot of competition for the searches?
  • Are those typing these keywords likely to buy your products or services?
  • How easily can these keyword phrases be used on your site?
  • Which keywords are most likely to convert visitors into customers?

…and with Paid Placement

  • performance of a keyword in search results (click-throughs)
  • performance of the keyword in an ad (click-throughs)
  • stickiness of a keyword in header, title tags
  • performance of keywords on landing pages

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