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At the intersection of digital marketing and management consulting.

In Brief:

  • It can be prudent to have a digital expert present during key decision making, growth or transitional periods of your company.
  • During recruiting into marketing, PR or other web-facing positions, our presence can uncover strengths or weaknesses to be considered.
  • Include digital marketing expertise in round table, webinar, retreat and annual conference breakout presentations.

Your Leadership Team’s Secret Weapon.

As an executive, you need concise, actionable advice about many aspects of digital marketing – without the constant sales pitch. Having an expert to assist with sorting this out can be invaluable, especially when considering an investment, M&A or other key corporate decisions. I have assisted many in the C-suite, Boards of Directors and Legal Departments with my expertise and research skills.

Executive Assistance Opportunities from BuzzMaven

Provided directly by Scott Clark – not outsourced or delegated

  • Guidance During Digital Transition and Growth
  • Executive Briefings on Digital Concepts
  • Assistance with Internal or Investor Communications
  • SEO & PPC audits
  • Employee Social Media Advocacy
  • ORM / Brand Monitoring Strategy
  • M&A Related Assistance
  • Market Opportunities Research and Briefing
  • C-Suite Presentations / Primers on Digital Marketing
  • Offsite / Retreat Presentations  (Significant notice required)
  • Meeting Breakouts / Webinar Assistance
  • “Fly on the Wall” Presence in Meetings with Post-Meeting Briefing
  • Interviewing Candidates (Leadership positions with digital responsibilities.)
  • LinkedIn “Ninja” Training
Scott Clark Teaching SEO

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