Event Promotion with Digital Marketing

Ask Your Large Conference Digital Marketing Questions Directly


Never a sales pitch.  We let ability speak for us.


We have been involved in the successful online promotion of conferences and corporate events with up to 4000 attendees from around the world.  Our approaches are scalable and optimizations are improved year-to-year.

Within a short amount of time, we can make suggestions for your event based on budget, timeline and attendee persona.

We also have mastery of the technology required to smooth the registration “journey” so your marketing spend goes further (and further every year.)

  • Take-away insights you’ve likely never heard before.
  • A good understanding of strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.
  • An understanding of what goes into the business metrics of conferences.
  • Strong experience from strategy to technical execution.

Agencies Call Us!

It’s very hard to keep this on-staff even at the largest agencies.  Our focused experience in digital can substantially enhance your digital team, including your current agency and/or PR firm.

In addition, our core background is in business analytics, computer science and lead generation funnels, something many agencies expect clients to bring to the table.

No Duplicate Effort!

The partnerships we form with agencies are done so that we don’t duplicate effort an so the work has great continuity with your brand.  We’ll ask a lot of questions about roles and responsibilities to determine where/if we can substantially improve your team’s savvy/output.

Before the event, we will need to work with your event team very closely, in particular in the acquisition of timelines, media graphics, videos and more.

  • Your company must have no suspensions or other problems with ad accounts on different networks (e.g. Google ads.)
  • For this review, no agencies or 3rd parties – primary clients only.  However, we work closely with agencies in the rest.
  • Openness about your events’ past performance, current budget and team expertise
  • One 10-minute checklist call – to make sure this is useful to everyone.
  • 48-72 hours for us to do the analysis.  We sometimes send 2-3 easy email questions.
  • 1 hour presentation, Q&A and idea session – Ideally this is done in person at our downtown office, but we’re flexible.

One-Page SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) report – in plain English.

We will save the supporting data in case you invite us to assist.

It depends a great deal on your schedule (time of year and competing events,) speaker lineup and venue location of course.  Data from past events is fantastic for our work also.

If you’re starting a new event, you will need to build clear awareness prior to pushing hard for registrations.  This is sometimes hard to hear but it’s absolutely true.  The main takeaway from this is that you need to start very early and steadily drive awareness for most new events.

Promotion is made much easier if you’ve gathered media, such as video footage, testimonials (with releases) and more from past events that we can use today.

If you’ve not gathered this from past events, then you should make absolutely sure you do it this time.

A solid event media project plan, roles and responsibilities are essential.  When an event starts, things move fast!

  • We will have our checklist call – 10 minutes is the goal for this call.
  • If we proceed:
    • We may request access to some of your past analytics and accounts.
    • We’ll do our analysis using the world’s top paid data sources.
    • We’ll schedule the walk through and Q&A.
  • If we don’t:
    • We’ll part as new business acquaintances.

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