Web Business Feasibility Research

Leverage our experience to help determine current demand for a product or idea, completely confidentially.

In Brief:

  • We have tools, spreadsheets and cross-checks to review and present evidence of market demand for a product or service.
  • Research can offer insights into competitors you cannot get by just searching Google.
  • Sometimes alternative opportunities present themselves during research.

Before spending a great deal of money on a new idea, having a general understanding of the market demand from internet activity.

Let’s take your idea (confidentially, of course) and do some real analysis on it.   We want to help you reduce the risks of building a web business or launching a product by letting you know how many searches seem to be showing intent towards your idea.

We will pour over data from various big-data tools  and make a spreadsheet that helps us analyze the web market size of your idea.  The result is a report indicating the best estimate of what you might expect if you start your venture, such as cost per click, competitive landscape and more.

We’ll going to be straight with you about what we see,, even if the evidence isn’t what you want to hear.   In a short amount of time, we can bring together a wide array of information that serves as a checks and balances for the process.  Good or bad, We’ll giving it to you as we see it.

If the opportunity looks encouraging, we can guide you to next steps to exploit the opportunity.