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We’ll need to determine if you’re a candidate.  During our initial ~20 minute checklist call, we’ll see if you’re a candidate for Google Ads.

If so, then the analysis we do will be for your market opportunity.  We use confidential Google internal documents, trends data and reports from our 4-5 top data warehouse tools to support recommendations.

We don’t want to waste anyone’s time, but we don’t want you to miss an amazing opportunity.

  • Take-away insights you’ve never heard before.
  • A good understanding of strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.
  • An understanding of what goes into the business metrics.
  • Often we’ll have internal Google insights reports for your industry (Confidential, we cannot email these.)
  • The benefit of a neutral expert with 15+ years of Google Ads experience for Q&A

We’re Focused on Google Ads.  Agencies Call Us!

We’ve not found any advertising agency, website designer or web developer with our level of ability and experience in Google Ads optimization.  It’s very hard to keep this on-staff even at the largest agencies.

In addition, our core background is in business analytics, computer science and lead generation funnels, something many agencies expect clients to bring to the table.  The partnerships we form with agencies are done so that we don’t duplicate effort an so the work has great continuity with your brand.

  • If you are using Google Ads, your Account must be in good standing and have no past suspensions.
  • No agencies or 3rd parties – primary clients only.
  • Ability to maintain a competitive digital marketing budget.
  • One 20-minute checklist call – to make sure this is useful to everyone.
  • If we proceed:
    • One 30 minute Q&A call (we’ll bring questions about your business so our analysis is accurate)
    • 48-72 hours for us to do the analysis.  We sometimes send 2-3 easy email questions.
    • 45-60 minute report call or, ideally, visit to our downtown Lexington offices.

One-Page SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) report – in plain English.

We will save the supporting data in case you invite us to assist.

We work for you, not Google.

We sometimes even suggest reductions in spend, or shifts of spend from Google Ads to other channels.  This is why you want to use caution taking Google’s own recommendations.

We want your spend on Google to be exactly what you need to be competitive while still being wise with budget, considering your brand’s strength, business goals and market.

You must keep all ad sources in context, of course.  We always review your Google spend in light of all of your other sources of leads.  This all is viewed in the brutal light of competition.  You will not only understand the marketing competition, but gain many insights about your market.

What about waste?  Optimization requires data, and data requires spend.  But we will drastically cut the amount of time to “critical optimization” versus doing it yourself or with inexperienced others.

Once optimized, your account should perform well for years to come.

  • We will have our checklist call – 10 minutes is the goal for this call.
  • If we proceed:
    • You’ll receive an invite on Google Ads to add us as a manager.
    • We’ll do our analysis using the world’s top paid data sources.
    • We’ll check with Google to see if there are useful internal documents.
    • We’ll schedule the walk through and Q&A.
  • If we don’t:
    • We’ll part as new business acquaintances.

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