Potent Content Marketing with FAQs

People demand answers, and brands that offer them will gain the trust and loyalty of those potential customers. 

In Brief:

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) content is highly compatible with current and future search engine patterns.
  • FAQs are straightforward to understand by team members.
  • There are “Internal” and “External” FAQs – representing questions about the company vs more general research, respectively.
  • Research into what questions your customers are asking is essential to prioritizing these programs.

Most FAQ content is structured with a question, short answer, and long answer components.

Project Elements

  • Definition of Audience and Stages of Research

    Define the audience for your services or products and the stages of the buying cycle. Most clients know this but have not documented it. The sales cycle is also often known but not documented.

  • Clearly define the differences between Internal and External FAQs

    Most clients by default begin writing FAQs as if the customer is already theirs. The reality is that a mix of questions and answers is needed – divided roughly into the questions people ask about your product and services (customer support), and those they ask as they begin the cycle of research without a company in mind.

  • Identify Questions

    This process harvests the questions being asked on the web about your services, products, and business category. Variations on the same question are collapsed into groups. Internal FAQs are built from internal sales team and customer support activities. These questions are placed into a sortable shared database for team collaboration.

  • Assign Writing

    After choosing the set of questions to be answered, assignments for writing the answers are given. Explanation about the inverted pyramid is provided to writers, along with basics about creating a short answer, longer answer pair. Various writing collaboration tools are available to facilitate writing, and sometimes the FAQs are put directly into the Content Management System.

  • Measure Results

    As FAQs are developed it’s important to measure their impact and to use customer behavior to guide expansion where they show it’s needed. Analytics reports specifically for FAQs will be built into your dashboard to show use and engagement.

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  • Video FAQs (VFAQs)
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