Swarvertising is here to stay

Swarmvertising Creates a Buzz of a Brand New Type – Look Up!

More than 1200 Drones Create Marketing Imagery above Clouds at the Winter Olympics Ceremony in PyeongChang, South Korea. Using small drones and bright LEDs, the opportunities for event advertising and marketing are endless.  How long before an ad marketplace is created where you can author animated, sky-bound versions of your marketing message to thousands of…

Question Cookies by Flickr: Scott McLeod Used under (CC) Attribution license

Thoughts on Google Q&A Knowledge Panel Feature for Multi-Location and Franchises (hint: It’s going to get ugly.)

Google is ramping up their Knowledge Pack Q/A program and web users are starting to take advantage of this crowd-sourced program that is very, very visible on the web.  This presents a challenge to business owners of course, but multi-location businesses are faced with an even more difficult situation.