We wanted to take the time to write a review for BuzzMaven (Scott Clark). Scott created and continues manages our company website Over the past 8-months, Scott has worked with us to diversify the site based on new avenues are company is attempting for water and wastewater treatment.

Scott has taken our ideas and illustrated them on our website in ways that we did not expect. He is very perceptive and listens to what we want. I must say that the results are ‘always’ better than we expect. I am referring to both his artistic creativity and ability to immediately detour traffic to our site.

For example, the latest pages dedicated to wastewater treatment has brought new prospects to our site, a small but dedicated business, over the large competitor websites such as G.E. or Nalco. Large prospects have been calling us directly based on the information available on our site.

They have commented on how easy and informative our site is. The relationship that our company (Florida Water Processing / Water Treatment Supply On-line) and BuzzMaven has is critical to our past and future growth.

It is rare to find a company that is dedicated and perceptive enough to achieve what Scott has for us. We recommend them to anyone who is wanting a top notch company to create and manage your website.

There is a lot of of competitors I have dealt with in the past but do not even come close to compare to Scott’s service. I would be honored to discuss more details about BuzzMaven and Scott Clark over the phone for anyone wanting to learn about BuzzMaven: 954-772-2129.

Greg Bryant – General Manager
Florida Water