Crafting the Ideal Digital Marketing Program

Zeroing in on the best formula in the various available digital marketing programs is what BuzzMaven is about.

In Brief:

Many of our Digital Marketing Presentations are prefaced by the concept of “sweet spots.”  Every aspect of this discipline can be described using this metaphor so it gives a good starting slide to help participants understand our approach..

The content marketing sweet spot

Web content is critical to the success of any site, both in the search engines and in consumers’ minds.  Creation of this content must be both useful and worth reading as well as search engine friendly.  Striking the balance between the two is the content sweet spot.

The pay-per-click sweet spot.

What position in the pay per click results gives you the best return on your investment.  It may be #6, it may be #1.  Which pay-per-click search engine offers the best performance for your business?   Google?  Bing?  Facebook?  LinkedIn?  How often should you split test your ads?  What is your maximum reasonable conversion rate?  When should you stop tinkering?   Finding the perfect keyword set, ad copy, ad position, daily budget, and landing pages is what I call finding the pay-per-click sweet spot.

The blogging and FAQ update sweet spot.

Some businesses want to maintain their entire website themselves, something I encourage.  Others want to outsource it completely, which can also work if the budget supports it.  But there’s more to updating a website than adding the latest press release or new employee.  To maintain solid search engine placement, you must consider factors affecting their ranking signals when creating content, including blogging.  Finding a balance between “free reign” updating (with no search engines in mind) and SEO sensibility is what I call the content update sweet spot.

The interactive features sweet spot.

How interactive should your site be?  Should you blog?  How about a podcast?  For many companies, one makes sense while the others don’t.  Somewhere in the collection of new media offerings is the perfect combination for you and your company, which I call the interactive features sweet spot.

The web design sweet spot.

I’d guess that 9 out of 10 web designers never look at the client’s analytics before starting a redesign.  I’ll bet even fewer look at the search demand for the client’s market or think about the stages of the customer journey in multi-modal, multi-visit scenarios.   Customers are the best web designers, and they give you instructions via their behavior as viewed in analytics.  You must listen to this.  An opinion of an experienced designer can really help, but even if the site looks pretty, it must deliver customers.   To spend money wisely, you should know what parts of the design effort pay most dividends.  Some things have been shown to be worthless, while others are very helpful.  Striking a balance between the aesthetic dreams of a designer and the pragmatic demands of past lessons is the web design sweet spot.

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