Windows Live Local Goes for a Ride

Microsoft’s new Live Local Preview lets you drive around downtown Seattle in a virtual race car looking at buildings, businesses and more. Check it out.

Using digital photographs of the area, combined with Areal views, you can look at building fronts. Right down to the signs on their doors.

Local Live Birds Eye Optimization

With the release of Windows Live Local, we all need to start thinking about how our businesses appear from the air. 1. Text, Fonts, and Character Counts. With bold, florescent colors, businesses can draw customers to their busineses with phrases like “Good Pizza” or “”Divorce $199.” But with the size required (around 8×10′) you’ll have…

Online maps – leaps and bounds

I’ve been having great fun looking at the new interactive maps available on-line. Google’s satellite images on Google Earth (formerly Keyhole) is lots of fun, and the detail on terraserver blows me away. One of the coolest new developments is Amazon’s “views” idea. On this map they show you what it would look like…