Web Design and Usability Consulting

20+ years of Web Development and SEO Brought to Your Project 

In Brief:

  • BuzzMaven works with web designers to ensure the business KPIs are considered in the project.
  • We focus on the user experience as it pertains to your business performance and growth.
  • We work with clients on new site design, migration, or expansion of online properties.
  • We work with clients from concept to wireframe to deployment.

How Do We Assess The “Beauty” of a Website?

  • It brings new business on a regular basis.
  • It supports the growth goals of your organization.
  • It satisfies existing customers’ needs in a manner that enhances your credibility and authority.
  • It provides a brand-consistent hub for social connections.

Ultimately, Your Buying Customers Should Design Your Site With Their Behaviors.

Web design (manning/flickr image credit)

Substance and Meaning Keep Your Site Healthy Even When Search Engines Change.

The way we see most businesses waste money is by wasting time while ignoring the opportunity costs of delay. Some businesses looking to build websites are easily seduced by a visual portfolio but neglect to ask the questions about business KPIs.

Form Equals Function (and Real Dollars and Cents)

What we mean here is that you don’t start designing until you have the basic functions well understood.  Functional concerns include items like:

  • USEFUL content.
  • Paths through the site for someone in a hurry (skimmers)
  • Paths through the site for the in-depth reader
  • How the search engines will see your site
  • At each step in your site, is it easy to determine the next step?
  • How well do your pages work if a visitor never sees your home page?
  • Is the site fast and responsive on various devices?
  • Do you have areas of your site designed specifically for returning or retargeted visitors?

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