BuzzMaven is a Shopify Partner specializing in SEO and Google Ads.  We can assist you in driving buyers to your Shopify ecommerce store using precisely built and carefully connected Google Ads campaigns.

Shopify SEO and Google Ads

PPC Program Components

In Brief:

  • Many store owners have difficulty driving traffic to their store.
  • Google Ads Shopping Campaigns can be connected to Shopify stores several ways
  • ROI can be significantly improved with retargeting solutions, and 500% is not uncommon.
  • Considering Google Ads and SEO as early as possible will pay off.
  • Google Ads / Google Merchant Center Audit

    If you have a PPC program, even if it was set up by Google, there is a good chance it’s wasting money – sometimes a great deal of your budget.  The audit is fast and surfaces issues we can address.

  • Connect Shopify to Google

    Assemble needed technology and connect Shopify store to Google’s Shopping Ecosystem.  This includes Google Merchant Center, feed rules, submission, dynamic retargeting parameters and more.

  • Campaign Design / Audience Definitions

    Configuration of the ideal structure for both initial traffic and retargeted traffic made up of your most likely buyers.  This is refined regularly over time.

  • Optimization and Testing

    Optimization of a campaign happens at every stage from keyword choices, match type choices, ad texts, extensions and landing pages.

  • Reporting and Data

    With Google Ads and Ecommerce, data is everything.  When you’re spending money on traffic, you have to be sure that it’s spent well and generating business.
    Our goal is to optimize the account to it’s best performance in as few iterations as possible to achieve lasting ROI (ROAS.)