Work with Experts in Industrial PPC

Support business development efforts, increase inquiries and get tagged for RFPs on large projects.

In Brief:

  • Gain More Leads of Higher Quality Than Ever in a Predictable Fashion.
  • Leverage Existing Customer Data to Find More LIke Them Fast
  • Analysis includes Break-Even, ROAS, and Lifetime Customer Based Models
  • Deep Experience in Industrial Lead Generation and Brand Awareness Approaches
  • Certified Google Premier Partner® and Bing Accredited Professional®
  • Expertise in Development of LinkedIn Account Based Marketing® ABM and “Decision Maker” Campaigns.

Our Sleeves Are Rolled Up For Your Team

If you’re seeking a powerful combination to fill your B2B PPC Industrial pipeline, we can bring some serious muscle to the table that most agencies just don’t have. With experience at the $1B-$3B level in massive-purchase B2B, you will not find more concentrated experience in the consulting marketplace. Leveraging the latest machine learning and buyer cycle strategies, we blend this mix of capabilities into your inside and outside sales teams, business development teams, and other key stakeholders’ daily flow for more and higher-quality leads throughout even multi-year cycles.

We find that many industrial B2B PPC programs are wasting over half of their budget.

If you have the ambition to put these massive networks to work for your company, we can help you avoid mistakes and hit the ground running. From there, we will guide you to optimize the system to boost lead quality and help keep your brand front-of-mind for your large-purchase customers. We can even specifically target certain companies on both LinkedIn and Google, tapping into Call data and other internal customer analytics

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    We see more than half of industrial PPC firms wasting 50% or more of their PPC budgets.

    PPC Program Components

    • Google Ads Audits For B2B Industry

      If you have a PPC program, even if it was set up by Google, there is a good chance it’s wasting money – sometimes a great deal of your budget. The audit is fast and surfaces issues we can address.

    • Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads Campaign Design for Big Industry

      Campaigns must be designed around behavior, structuring the keywords, ads, and filtering for the different stages of the long B2B sales cycle. Understanding the B2B lead funnel, with RFPs, shortlists, and multiple touch points is key to “Big Iron” programs.

    • Optimization - Audience - Retargeting - Noise Reduction

      You don’t want junk leads that waste your sales teams’ time. Optimization of a campaign happens at every stage from keyword choices, match type choices, ad texts, extensions, and landing pages. But it goes beyond this into the understanding of each procurement phase. You need to speak to each stakeholder in their own language – right when they need the information. If you’re not careful, they’ll forget you.

    • Landing Page Design

      “Post click” optimization is where we make sure the traffic we just worked so hard to get converts into leads or business at the highest rate possible. Split and multivariate tests are used to let behavioral data guide us to maximize performance.

    • Reporting and Data

      With PPC, data is everything. When you’re spending money on traffic, you have to be sure that it’s spent well and generating business. This can be quite tricky, but BuzzMaven will help you wire up the system quickly and accurately.

    image: flickr / brokentaco  used under CC 2.0 Attribution