Event Marketing Consulting

Wisely spend your event marketing budgets on the audience most likely to attend, and use retargeting to drive fence-sitters into the registration process.

In Brief:

  • BuzzMaven has Provided Digital Marketing Services for Events from 300 to 3000 People.
  • Event digital marketing requires advanced planning – it cannot be done last minute.
  • Creating urgency with innovative, programmatic mechanisms can fill seats early.

Event Marketing - Crowd of AttendeesFill Seats for Your Event

Event marketing requires precision targeting of personas and awareness of the buyer’s journey when planning travel.  Knowledge of how attendees consider, prepare and request a budget for, and register must be brought to bear in the planning for awareness and registration/lead generation.  Retargeting and audience segmentation by interest help us avoid waste and make sure your ad is shown at the right moment.  We leverage professional profile targeting heavily for work-related events.

Early Registrations Matter

Any event planner will tell you that early registrations for events make everything easier.  You can improve resource planning, negotiate better event-related deals with vendors and leverage the natural word-of-mouth that goes with event attendees.  We utilize an early-bird urgency strategy combined with dynamic ad banners and countdown ads to keep registrations flowing well in advance of the event.

A Valuable Addition to Your Event Team

Our experience includes strategy-level discussions about preparing media and year-long audience accumulations.  We also assist with preparatory efforts such as email list scrubbing and development of landing page structures and tag management solutions to ensure we can use retargeting throughout the process.  Banner development and video development advice are also available.

Don’t Chance It – Work With Experience – And Start Early

With well planned digital campaigns, we can increase the chances for early registrations and filling your venue, making the event run smoothly and turn a good profit.

But don’t put this off.  One of the main success factors for event planning is to start the process early.  You not only want to have marketing to gain attendees, but you want to think ahead to next year’s event.  Gathering testimonials and video clips need to happen during the event – requiring assignments and resources.  We also must sometimes make arrangements for trademark use of keynote speaker’s names and other details – each of which can take a while.

With a successful event, your subsequent events will be easier to market allowing you to drive up the quality of presenters, keynotes and sponsors, hopefully setting off a snowball effect, year over year.