Event Marketing Consulting

Wisely spend your event marketing budgets on the audience most likely to attend, and use retargeting to drive fence-sitters into the registration process.

In Brief:

  • Retargeting is a powerful mechanism for driving event registrations.
  • Creating urgency with innovative, programmatic mechanisms can fill seats early.
  • Event geographic and demographic targeting ensures that your marketing targets those who are likely to sign up.

Fill Seats for Your Event

Any event planner will tell you that early registrations for events makes everything easier.  You can improve resource planning, negotiate better event-related deals with vendors and leverage the natural word-of-mouth that goes with event attendees.

Event marketing is difficult!   With well planned digital campaigns, we can increase the chances for early registrations and filling your venue, making the event run smoothly and turn a good profit.  With a successful event, your subsequent events will be easier to market allowing you to drive up the quality of presenters, keynotes and sponsors, hopefully setting off a snowball effect for year aver year.