SEO Case Studies

A few examples of SEO work I’ve done in the past.  

In Brief:

  • SEO success must be measured by traffic and conversions, not rank.
  • Search rank varies widely by search history, location and device.
  • Google perturbs rank regularly to test click through rates with its ranking algorithm.

I help sites come up first when people type important keywords that make or break their business.  It takes a systematic approach during design, submission, and measurement to get useful information from this task.

When you’re evaluating SEO proficiency:

  • Your search history, location and device used will affect your results.
  • The highest volume phrases often are not the highest converting phrases.
  • Most companies should focus on different SEO for different phases in the buyer journey.
  • Search rank is a horrible business metric – search generated traffic and resulting conversions are the KPI.

Case Studies

We limit discussion of client case studies to vetted candidate companies.  The pages below are all password protected to protect their privacy and from those who like to hassle SEO clients.  If we enter serious discussions, we can provide examples of our work.  Thanks.

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